Spotify vs. Google Music: Which One to Choose?

At first sight, Spotify and Google Music look similar. However, there are lots of differences between the two, which can break or make your experience. So, if you like to know more about Spotify vs. Google Music, then keep on reading.

Here, we will tell you everything about them, such as pros, cons, pricing, sound quality, and lots more. All this will help you to choose the accurate music streaming service depending on your requirements.

Spotify vs. Google Music: Introduction

What is Google Play Music?

Google Music is a podcast and a web-based streaming service. It came into being in 2011 from Google. This music site features over 40 million songs that one can organize or stream into countless playlists. It supports music files featuring a higher-bit .wav format. Moreover, the music streaming service seamlessly integrates with various Google devices, such as Google Home.

The most striking characteristic of Google Music is that users can upload over 50,000 songs of their own to their music library. Thus, it lets people integrate their own music into the music catalog of Google music without wasting storage space on their phones. People who store a lot of music files on the hard drives can go with Google Music for centralizing their playlists and music. This music streaming service works perfectly well with a wide range of devices, such as iPhone, Chromecast, Android, and Google Home.

Users can buy a family or a single subscription to Google Music. Moreover, you can enjoy it free by opting for the YouTube Premium subscription. The subscription service of YouTube Premium eliminates advertisements entirely. Plus, this service offers original programming of the hit YouTube channels. With this YouTube Premium, users do not have to pay separately for Google Music.

So, Google Music offers users well-developed personal music libraries and even for those having a specific playlist tastes that cannot be satisfied with music subscription catalogs alone. By spending $2 more, music lovers can even unlock the premium features on YouTube Music and YouTube.


  • Supports .wav format for premium-quality sound
  • Allows uploading of over 50,000 songs
  • Comes free with the YouTube Premium subscription
  • Consistent, stable performance


  • Difficult to navigate the disjoined interface
  • No mobile or desktop client
  • No social sharing platform
  • Uncertain future as YouTube Music can replace it

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What is Spotify?

Spotify is a social sharing-powered and smartly designed streaming service for music. This service came out into the music world somewhere around 2008. It features over 40 million podcasts and songs, and 3 billion+ user-produced playlists. The music service works with smart algorithms, where the software learns your music taste for better performance.

Spotify is well-known for its smooth desktop version, mobile applications, and a sleek web player. All of these options offer a streamlined, great user experience. Using Spotify, music lovers can follow their favorite artists, listen to what their friends are loving, share songs with collaborative playlists, and much more. Additionally, the ‘Made for You‘ and ‘Discover Weekly‘ playlists or mixes are amazing to look for new artists. Here, for instance, users can look for a Swedish music version of their loved female vocalist.

The only downside of Spotify is its audio quality. Unfortunately, the sound quality of this streaming service is not that good. The streaming service does not support uncompressed audio or .wav files. Spotify features a smaller music library when it comes to uploading your favorite music. Having said that, if you subscribe to this streaming service for discovering new music or streaming popular tracks, then all this does not matter much.

So, Spotify is perfect for social music listeners who do not purchase music and trust this service for serving up with what’s popular. It is even great for people who just like to have a little music to fill up their lives. Also, tech fanatics who switch their devices frequently and cannot deal with the device limit policy of Google Music can go with this streaming application.


  • Seamless, user-friendly interface
  • Comes with a crossfade tracks feature that blends music files
  • Feature both web-player options and client applications
  • Perfect music streaming bundle for students


  • Features less space to upload one’s own music
  • No support for EQ settings and .wav files
  • Several features only come with Spotify Premium

Listen to Spotify

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Spotify vs. Google Music: Device Limitations and Sound Quality

Spotify Premium provides extreme audio quality up to 320kbps and 256kbps when you play songs on Chromecast. Meanwhile, Google Music provides 320 kbps audio quality on both uploaded music and subscription. However, the quality of the music you upload depends on the track quality you have uploaded.

With Spotify, music lovers can stream Spotify on various devices. However, the music you download will be available on a maximum of five devices for offline playback. Furthermore, the limitation of downloading songs is 10,000.

On the other hand, Google Music features a limit of 10 devices for authorizations, where the de-authorization limit is of 4 devices per year. Fortunately, users can download unlimited music on their authorized devices.

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Both Spotify and Google Music offer applications for Android TV and Wear OS. Also, they support Audio Auto and Google Cast. Spotify employs Spotify Connect for connecting to a massive range of devices and speakers than just Google Cast, such as car systems and Sonos. Let’s continue reading with this Spotify vs. Google Music Review.

Spotify vs. Google Music: Library and Other Special Features

Both Spotify and Google Music have 40 million songs that users can stream on their devices. The application does not let users upload their own music library. Plus, you can add 10,000 songs to your music library from the music catalog.

On the other hand, Google Music allows users to upload 50,000 songs to the Play Music library. Additionally, you can stream music for free on all devices. Here, music lovers can add lots of purchased songs and subscription songs to the library as per their wish.

The dark theme of Spotify overs the application a crisper, cleaner look, which is far easier during the night jam sessions. The application’s bottom tab layout is simpler to jump between the application sections than the drawer design of Google Music. The Now Playing Queue of Google Music allows you to watch over a dozen music files on radio stations. Here, you can even swipe songs away that you do not like. Spotify does not really show you what’s come up on the radio stations and also, the queue management is poor.

The suggested songs and automatic stations of Spotify seem to be somewhat more accurate in their forecast as compared to Google Music. Spotify even offers Daily Mix and Discover Weekly playlists for helping you in keeping the music fresh, which trounce the radio station ‘Feeling Lucky‘ of Google Music easily.

As we highly rely upon music applications, it is worth considering that Google Music does not receive as many new, impressive features as Spotify. However, bugs are resolved faster on Google Music. In addition, Google Music even offers instant chat support, including phone support. On Spotify, users can report their problems on Twitter to @SpotifyCares. For a faster response, it is best to use a typical contact form.

Spotify vs. Google Music: Comparison of Features

Spotify and Google Music both feature negative and positive qualities. As you know, both of these are music streaming services. However, each service comes with its own set of unique characteristics that appeal to diverse listeners. So, let’s have a quick glance at some of the important features of these music streaming services.

FeaturesSpotifyGoogle Music
Catalog 40 million podcasts and songs40 million podcasts and songs
InterfaceMobile, tablet, and desktop applications; web-based playerWeb-based player
Discoverability Discover Weekly playlist featureLimited
Social Sharing Instagram stories, Twitter, Facebook; sharable and collaborative playlistsLimited
Library Uploads 10,000 songs50,000 songs
Supported DevicesTablets, smartphones, TVs, speakers, computers, car, smartwatches, and game consolesSmartphones, iPod touch, iPad, Chromecast, Google smartwatch, Google Home, and computers
Users  Six users per account (3 devices each)Six users per account (10 devices each)
Free TrialThree months30 days
Price$9.99 per month (single)


$14.99 per month (family)

$4.99 per month for students, including Showtime and Hulu

$9.99 per month (single)


$14.99 per month (family)

Free with the YouTube Premium subscription plan

Spotify vs. Google Music: Which one to choose?

The answer to this question entirely depends on the users’ personal preferences. If they are an admirer of Google services, or they love to curate their own playlists and music, then Google Play is the right choice.

This music streaming service offers you lots of options to listen to and organize your favorite music. Surprisingly, you can enjoy Google Play Music for free if you go for the YouTube Premium subscription.

On the other hand, for people who love to listen to new songs and artists, then Spotify is the right choice. With Spotify, you can even share your discoveries with other loved ones and vice versa. Thus, this streaming service is perfect for a more diverse and wider listening experience.

Having collaborative playlists, social media combinations, and crossfade tracks for get-togethers, and DJ parties, Spotify is an amazing thing. The applications of Spotify are user-friendly and intuitive. Most people find it simpler to use as compared to the web-based interface of Google Music.

When it comes to pricing, both of these streaming sites offer a single subscription plan for $9.99 and a subscription plan for a family for just $14.99. Spotify offers a mobile service for free. However, this free version comes with advertisements and features limited functionality. Furthermore.

Spotify even features a trial of the Premium version for three months, whereas Google Music offers a free trial for just 30 days. If you are still confused about which music streaming service is great for you, the best part is you can try out both Spotify and Google Music without any risk. Hopefully, this Spotify vs. Google Music review will be helpful to you.



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