Top 12 Best Small Toilet for Your Compact Bathroom

Every day, we spend a considerable amount of time in the bathroom. In fact, a properly planned, well-built bathroom is an integral part of a complete house.

However, not all homeowners have the luxury of getting a spacious bathroom due to various reasons. What if you have limited space for your bathroom? The best solution is to maximize the available space efficiently so it will look less congested.

When it comes to bathrooms with limited space, a small toilet setting becomes an integral part. That means those who are concerned about space restrictions will find small toilet setting to be handy.

A small toilet can indeed save a considerable amount of space in your bathroom. That can be the most critical benefit associated with a small toilet setting. For most modern-day homes, utilizing the available space is a key aspect.

So, homeowners should look for compact-sized bathroom fittings too. In this case, a small toilet can be incredibly handy because every square inch is precious.

As a result of installing a compact-sized toilet, the bathroom will start to look spacious. So, you will feel more freedom inside such a setting instead of the congested feeling.

However, when you are shopping around for a small toilet, you don’t have to compromise the desire for style. That means you can still go for a stylish toilet, even if you are looking for a small setting.

The good news is that there are plenty of elegant designs to choose from when it comes to toilets. In fact, there are two different types of toilets based on how they are fixed. They are floor-mounted toilets and wall-hung toilets. Both of these varieties have unique characteristics.

Compared to regular-sized toilets, small toilets are affordable. They come at an affordable price, and on top of that, they cost less when it comes to installation. So, choosing a small toilet setting means you are going for an affordable option as well.

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Best Small Toilet – List of Best Products

We have composed a list of small toilet options for your bathroom for your convenience. You can go through all these products and find the most appropriate product that suits you.

01. TOTO Aquia Dual Flush Elongated Two-Piece Toilet

TOTO Aquia Dual Flush Elongated Two-Piece Toilet

TOTO is an industry leader when it comes to bathroom fittings. Over the past period, TOTO has become a norm in society as well. It is a reputed brand that claims to have the ability to upgrade the lives of people.

Aquia Dual Flush system is an excellent product that represents the quality, class, and stylishness of the product.

It is enhanced with an advanced flushing mechanism. This technology, it gives the option of flushing the exact amount you need without wasting water.

For instance, you can choose an amount between 0.9 to 1.6 gallons for each flush. Since it makes your water consumption an efficient one, you can easily contribute to water preservation.

The overall experience they deliver is defined as a luxury. Besides, it delivers convenience and elegance to your bathroom. Thanks to the stylish appearance of this small toilet, it adds more glamor to your bathroom. The elongated skirt and the perfected standard height make it more beautiful.

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02. Kohler K-3615-0 Gabrielle Comfort Height Toilet

Kohler K-3615-0 Gabrielle Comfort Height Toilet

Kohler Gabrielle is particularly known for the comfortable height it offers. Basically, it is manufactured according to ADA standards, so it matches any bathroom.

Well, there are many other elegant designs, but not all of those designs fulfill ADA standards. What’s more important about this product when it comes to the context of this article is its small size. In fact, the size of this small toilet doesn’t exceed the room of a round-bowl.

Apart from being an ADA certified product, Kohler Gabrielle comes with EPA Water Sense certification as well. This is a clear indication that it uses a maximum amount of 1.28 gallons per each flush.

Even with the little amount of water, the efficiency is increased because of Kohler’s Aqua Piston system.

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03. SANIFLO 023 Sanicompact 48 One Piece Toilet

SANIFLO 023 Sanicompact 48 One Piece Toilet

Sanicompact is considered to be one of the most compact toilets in the modern-day market. In addition to that, it comes as an ideal option for spaces where unconventional settings are required. Say, if your bathroom has a very small space with a not-so-common setting, Saniflo 023 is a good option.

In fact, this product comes with a unique soaking system that can chop waste down. As a result, the waste will become a semi-solid substance before being pumped down the 1″ pipe. This is a pretty effective process because it ensures less clogging.

The setting of this small toilet allows you to position the toilet between a height of 9′ to 20′. In other words, the drainpipe will be placed within the values of 9′ – 20′.

In addition to that, this toilet can dispose of wastewater that comes from the washbasin. All those features together make it an ideal option, especially for a half-bath in a compact setup.

To flush this toilet, you should press a button. When it comes to the volume of water, there are two options; 1 gallon or 1.25 gallons. In addition to that, each flush is timed well. As a result, the amount of water will depend on the pressure of the water.

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04. DANZE DC011323WH Orrington Toilet

DANZE DC011323WH Orrington Toilet

This is another compact toilet model that comes with an elongated bowl. In fact, we have picked this product mainly because of the very compact footprint it leaves. The seat of this toilet is placed at a very comfortable height. Its design is exceptionally thoughtful, and it adds more value to the product. The space it takes from your bathroom is interestingly minimal.

In addition to that seat and the comfortable height, it has a trip lever flush as well. One of the key reasons behind the compact size of this product is the elliptical-shaped tank. It indeed has a slightly wider tank, but it is not that thick.

As a result, this option allows you to place the seat further back making more room. The design is curved, and that makes this tank a more stylish, unique one.

When it comes to flushing, however, it offers only one volume (1.28 gallons per each flush). That means it passes EPA requirements in terms of Water Sense.

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05. American Standard H2OPTION Siphonic Dual Flush Toilet

American Standard H2OPTION Siphonic Dual Flush Toilet

This option comes with a dual-flush system to make it more effective. It maintains a volume of 1.6 gallons per each flush. However, the partial flush features only 1 gallon of water. But still, it matches the EPA standards because the average amount of water flushed (with dual flush) is adequate.

The term H2Option mentioned in the name is representing the siphon flushing system. In fact, that is a very efficient system to flush water with good power. As a result, it cleans the toilet with just a single flush.

The most interesting thing about this product is that it doesn’t meet ADA certification. That is probably because of the rounded bowl shape, push-button flush, and lower seat height. So, this product is not approved by the ADA to be fitted in public and employee restrooms.

The lower seat position, however, makes this product ideal, especially for young ones and short individuals.

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06. Toilet GALBA

Toilet GALBA

This can be considered as one of the shortest projecting toilets for adults, which are used in the West. This product is manufactured using vitreous glazed china. That is just like the majority of the other products in the market. In addition to that, this product has some plastic fittings as well.

The product is indeed smaller than the conventional once. However, the problem is that it comes with the compatibility with standard 12″ installation.

It has a dual flush system. The full flush of this system works on a volume of 1.6 gallons of water. When it comes to the partial flush, the volume is 1 gallon. You cannot expect any rebates from your utility provider related to this product because it doesn’t have the certifications.

As per the users, the functionality of the product is very impressive, and they like it. However, they also say that its seat is somewhat weaker than they expect. However, you can overcome the respective issue simply by using a stronger seat.

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07. Swiss Madison SM-1T254 St. Tropez Dual Flush Elongated One-Piece Toilet

Swiss Madison SM-1T254 St. Tropez Dual Flush Elongated One-Piece Toilet

This is another elegant product that comes with a dual flush feature with better performance. Thanks to its powerful flush, you can expect better cleanliness on the bowl after each flush. When it is coupled with the elongated bowl, the performance it delivers is exceptional. The tank of this product can be easily dropped into the fully skirted bowl.

As a result, you can expect a perfectly contemporary appearance. The lid cover of the tank is very slim, and it comprises actuator push buttons as well. What’s more, the dual flush feature lets you choose either 1.28 or 0.8 gallons per each flush.

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08. DeerValley DV-1F52812 Dual-Flush toilet

DeerValley DV-1F52812 Dual-Flush toilet

It is true that this product is designed to match compact places. However, it can match pretty much any modern-day bathroom setting without much trouble and appear excellent. It can close the seat lid very silently as well. This is a dual flush small toilet that can help preserve some water on everyday use.

The design comes as a single piece, and it is highly compact. If you have a small bathroom, this can be a nice option to consider. The flush is fully glazed, and more importantly, it doesn’t leave any clogs so you can be worry-free.

Adding more value to this product, the flush is very quiet, and no leaks will be there. This product is manufactured as a floor-mounted toilet. Installation and cleaning of this toilet are straightforward.

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09. Fine Fixtures MOTB11W Dual-Flush Round Toilet

Fine Fixtures MOTB11W Dual-Flush Round Toilet

This is another one-piece toilet that is designed using top-quality materials. The design comprises both modern and contemporary aspects, so it can match any compact bathroom.

The smart design of this small toilet is preliminarily designed to match powder rooms or extra bathrooms. However, this might not be the best option to be installed in your main bathroom.

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10. Woodbridge B0920 Dual Flush Toilet

Woodbridge B0920 Dual Flush Toilet

Woodbridge B0920 Dual Flush Toilet comes as a dual flush model. It comprises a soft closing as well. Thanks to the square design with a deluxe touch, it can easily complement any modern-day bathroom space. It has a high-end seat that has an excellent soft-closing feature.

Durability is added to the seat with the use of a stainless-steel seat hinge. It offers a very comfortable height as well for the users. That means it features chair-height seating. As a result, any adult can stand up and sit down easily. Per each flush, it offers 1.28 gallons of water.

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11. The Renovators Supply Inc. 12816 Dual-Flush

The Renovators Supply Inc. 12816 Dual-Flush

The Renovators Supply Inc. 12816 Dual-Flush is another compact-sized product that can add good value to your small bathroom. The compact size of this product makes it a very handy product. You can expect better water preservation with this product because it has a very efficient flushing system.

It comes with a toilet seat. However, when it comes to wax ring kits and bolts, you should buy them separately. For each flush, it features 0.8 gallons of water.

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12. Madison Garden 1229-MG Dual-Flush toilet

Madison Garden 1229-MG Dual-Flush toilet

This surely is a good product that comes with various unique characteristics. The inner trap-way of this toilet has a fully glazed finish. As a result, the waste will not seep into the porcelain.

Also, it has a 2″ wide trap-way, so no clogging will be there to bother you. It is designed to conserve water and save some money on your water bills. The product is designed according to EPA standards.

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So, that’s our list of toilets for compact bathrooms. You can go through these options individually and pick the best small toilet for your bathroom.



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