Sharp Roku TV Black Screen – 6 Solutions for You!


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Sharp Roku TV Black Screen

When you experience Sharp Roku TV black screen, needless to mention how annoying it is.

That said, if you notice such an error and looking for a solution, here’s a comprehensive guide.

The solutions mentioned in this article are very convenient, even if you are a beginner.

Reasons for the Occurrence of Sharp Roku TV Black Screen  

First, let’s find out the reasons why you might see a Sharp Roku TV black screen. In fact, there are several reasons for that, and mentioned below are those for your information.

  • There is a glitch associated with your Sharp TV
  • There is an issue with the cable connection
  • It has damaged or faulty cables
  • There is a hardware-related issue

Besides, if your Roku remote is not working, needless to say, how frustrating it can be. So, learning how to fix it ASAP is vital for any Roku user. Let’s Fix it Now.

The Solutions

This is the first step in fixing the black screen issue associated with sharp TV. Moreover, it’s also the simplest solution.

Restarting the TV in the ways outlined below has helped many people whose Sharp TVs went black.

  • Turn off the TV. You can use your remote’s power button to do that. After that, you should wait for about 30 seconds. Then, you should turn on the TV again.
  • If that fix doesn’t necessarily work, just leave the TV on. Unplug your TV from the power supply. Then, wait for about 60 seconds.
  • After about 60 seconds, you should plug the device back into the outlet. Then, you should check if it works.

However, if that doesn’t necessarily work, you should check the following solutions.

Also, if you see that your Sharp TV won’t turn on and has a blank screen, don’t worry; you can simply try the troubleshooting steps in this article to fix it easily.

01. Check if Your TV Remote is Working Fine

If none of the previous options work as expected, the one mentioned below is another practical solution. As per this solution, it is recommended to check if your remote is working.

Here’s how to check it out.

  • Unlock your smartphone first. Then, open its camera.
  • After that, you should focus the camera on your remote’s indicator. Then, press any of the keys.
  • If you see a flashing light through the camera, the remote works perfectly.
Check if Your TV Remote is Working Fine

If it doesn’t work, there must be something wrong with its batteries. For instance, the batteries can get discharged. In that case, you might have to put in new batteries. You should press its power key after replacing the batteries. After that, you should restart the TV to see if the issue is fixed.

Now, you should select the correct input source. Then, see if the Sharp Roku TV black screen error is fixed.

FYI: No doubt you might raise concerns if your Roku audio is out of sync. So we list the 11 best solutions for you to fix this issue as soon as possible.

02. Hard Resetting Your Sharp TV

  • Make sure that the faulty TV is switched on. After that, you should unplug the respective power cord from its socket.
  • After that, you should hold the power button of the TV for at least 30 seconds. That will drain the power in the TV.
  • After that, wait for about 10 minutes.
  • Thereafter, you should plug the device into the power socket. Switch on your TV and see if it is fixed.
Hard Resetting Your Sharp TV

In addition, if your Roku keeps restarting and disturbing your entertainment, let’s learn and find out why your Roku keeps restarting and how to solve it easily.

03. Check for Sharp TV Wires

Have you tried everything else, and the TV still gives you a blank screen? If so, the problem lies with the TV’s cords or wiring. Check the connectors on the backside of the TV to ensure that the wires are plugged in correctly.

Moreover, re-insert any wires or cables that you may have discovered to be disconnected or just partially attached.

The black screen should still be there after you’ve double-checked all of the connections. Replace damaged cables with newer ones, and if the TV’s black screen issue persists.

Check for Sharp TV Wires

04. Try a Different Outlet

If the methods above don’t work to fix the black screen error, try this one. Assume that the TV’s remote control is functioning normally. Also, assume that the connections and wires leading to it are securely fastened properly.

So, the problem may lie with the outlet powering the set. It is, therefore, preferable to seek out an alternative electrical outlet near the television. Then, connect the power cord to that. If this option helps, that’s terrific, but if not, there will likely be others.

Try a Different Outlet

05. See if Your HDMI Cable Has an Error

If the previous solutions don’t work, you are supposed to change the HDMI cable and see what happens.

  • Just go to the back of the TV and unplug the HDMI cable. Some devices might have two ports, while others may have three. You can plug the cable into a different port and see if it works.
  • Restart your TV. Select the correct port number. Then, you should see if that trick works. If not, you can simply use a different HDMI cable.
See if Your HDMI Cable Has an Error

Upgrade to a new HDMI cable. If not, you’d rather not spend the money; try using an alternate HDMI cable adapter. What if the TV begins functioning properly with that cable? If so, you either need new HDMI cables or only that one.

06. Resetting Sharp TV

Have trouble getting an image on your TV? Here’s how to perform a factory reset. This procedure involves physically resetting your TV through its on-screen menu.

If you’re currently experiencing a black screen on a Sharp TV, try the following:

  • As the first step, you should disconnect the faulty Sharp TV unit from the power supply.
  • After that, press and hold the “Input” and “Volume Down” buttons simultaneously.
Resetting Sharp TV
  • Now, you should plug the Sharp TV in once again. Then, you should hold the button so the TV should be turned on as usual.
  • When your pictures appear, just release the buttons.
  • Press the “Volume” and “Channel” buttons at once.
  • Go to “Reset.” 
  • That will reset your TV.

By the way, here are the best solutions you can try if you see an Apple TV black screen. We believe at least one of these solutions will help you overcome this issue.

What if Your Sharp TV Has Blue Light?

A Sharp Roku TV black screen with a blue line is another scenario you may encounter. In this case, you should do the following.

A flawed firmware upgrade is to blame for this issue. The methods mentioned above are what you should take to fix your black-screening Sharp TV.

If you have previously reset your Sharp TV, the next step is to update it. Fixing this problem requires updating the TV’s firmware.

  • When you see pictures, you should press your remote’s Menu button. Then, go to “Settings.”
  • Go to “Support.”
  • Select “Software Upgrade.”
Sharp TV Software Update
  • Select “Yes” so that it will download the firmware.

Black Screen on Sharp Roku TV? Here’s What to Do

If the display on your high-definition Roku TV is blurry or nonexistent, try the following button sequence. Sharp Roku TVs can be restarted by clearing the cache in the settings menu.

Do the following:

  • Hit the “Home” key five times.
  • The Up key once.
  • Rewind key twice.
  • And finally, fast forward the key twice.

As soon as the sharp Roku tv resumes, you may see if the issue has been resolved.

Sharp TV Gives Sound But with a Black Screen

What if your Sharp Roku TV’s black screen appears, but there’s no issue with its sound? Well, it is more of a complicated situation, isn’t it?

Well, if you are facing such a scenario, you can follow the steps below and fix it.

  • Turn off every light in your room. The room should be completely dark to perform this task. Then, turn on the TV.
  • Now, you should move closer to the TV and carefully observe if your TV has any pictures. If you cannot see anything, switch on the flashlight of the phone.
  • Now, move closer to the TV unit and direct the flash at the TV. Then, you should check if you can see anything on the screen of TV.
  • Do you see any pictures on the TV screen after using the flashlight on it? If yes, the issue is related to hardware. Your TV’s backlight is the culprit. In other words, you should get a new backlight for your TV to fix this issue. What you must know is that you cannot do it on your own unless you are a qualified technician. So, be sure to contact the nearest Sharp service center or a qualified technician.

What if Nothing has Worked So Far?

If the black screen problem still persists after attempting the aforementioned solutions, read on. The next step is to shop for a new TV unit to replace the old Sharp TV.

You are not limited to Sharp; instead, you can check other brands as well. In addition to having a fantastic smart tv, you can also comfortably travel with them.


  1. Why is my Sharp Roku TV screen black but sound is working?
    • This might be due to a system glitch or an outdated software version. Try restarting or updating the system.
  2. How do I fix the black screen issue on my Sharp Roku TV?
    • Restart the TV, check for system updates, or try a factory reset. If these don’t work, seek professional help.
  3. How do I perform a system update on my Sharp Roku TV?
    • Go to Settings > System > System Update > Check Now on your Sharp Roku TV menu.
  4. How can I avoid the black screen issue on my Sharp Roku TV?
    • Regular system updates and ensuring a proper power supply can help prevent this issue.
  5. When should I seek professional help for my Sharp Roku TV black screen issue?
    • If you’ve tried all the troubleshooting steps and the issue persists, it’s time to seek professional help.


In general, the solutions mentioned above should work for you. However, there can be exceptions in some cases. If nothing has helped you so far, you are supposed to contact the customer care team at Sharp.

Then, you should explain the “Sharp Roku TV black screen” situation. With that said, have you encountered the same error and got it fixed with a different solution?

Please let us know. We appreciate your valuable input, and it will be helpful for other readers as well.


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