Qustodio Review: Know About Its Pros & Cons and Features

Today, parental control is quite essential, and thus, the industry of parental control applications is prospering with countless products.

One such impressive application is Qustodio parental control, which is very popular among people. This parental control comes with lots of unique features that help you in protecting and supervising your child’s smartphone.

Qustodio application came out a few years ago, and since then, this application has been upgraded several times. Now, this parental control shares an enormous follower base.

In this Qustodio review, we are going to review details regarding this application and assist you in figuring how whether to go with this parental control or not.


Qustodio Review: Unique characteristics of Qustodio parental control applications

Qustodio parental control comes with lots of striking features. So, if you are wondering what Qustodio has to offer, then look for the answer right below in this Qustodio review!

1. Content Filtering

Using Qustodio parental control, users can block illicit content and even filter what they think is necessary. The application even allows you to apply content filtering on private web browsers. Thus, you are capable of monitoring and managing net usage in a remote manner.

2. Monitor Social Media

Qustodio application even comes with an advanced monitoring feature for Facebook. With this feature, parents are capable of viewing the status updates posted by their kids or even all the uploaded pictures on their Facebook accounts.

Qustodio even allows you to view their friend list and monitor each and everything basically. Apart from Facebook, this parental control application helps you in monitoring the usage time of other applications like WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, and others.

3. Block Applications and Games

Qustodio features a lot of unique features to block applications and games. As you all know, the best part about getting a smartphone is to enjoy unlimited access to diverse applications and games.

However, we all know that all the games and applications available online are not appropriate for your kids according to their age for sure.

Using Qustodio parental control, parents can make a decision about which applications and games would be fine for their kids and at what age!

4. Restrict Screen Time

It is quite significant to restrict the time children spend on their devices. Using this incredible parental control application, you are capable of scheduling time limits. In other words, parents can set a time for which their kids are allowed to use applications or the internet.

5. Track Location

Another great feature of Qustodio parental control is its location tracking feature. With the help of this application, parents can track the real-time location of their kids by tracking their iOS or Android device on maps very easily and quickly.

6. Panic Tab

The main point of employing a parental control application is to track your child’s location for protecting them against imminent dangers. That’s the reason Qustodio parental control offers you an SOS tab. This panic button sends an alert along with your location if you come across any trouble. Meanwhile, this striking feature is available only for Android devices.

7. Block and View SMS

In this Qustodio review, you will be pleased to know that this application allows users to view text messages received or sent by the monitored smartphone. In case you come across any inappropriate SMS, you will know about that text soon. Unfortunately, this feature also works only on Android smartphones.

8. Monitor and Block Calls

Qustodio Parental control helps parents to see all the contact numbers on their kids’ smartphones. Using this tool, they can even block the number that bothers them a lot. Thus, you can say that Qustodio is even capable of blocking calls.

9. Send a Report

This parental control application even provides a detailed report after 30 days regarding device usage to the user. So, parents can watch over their kids’ activities on their smart devices remotely and in quite detail.

Qustodio Review: Pros & Cons

Now, you know what all Qustodio parental control application has to offer. All of these striking features come in just one application. So, what else you are in search of now! Before we move further with our Qustodio review, let’s have a quick look at this parental control’s pros and cons.


  • The application features impressive multi-platform support.
  • It offers a very helpful web-filtering structure that works perfectly well on diverse browsers.
  • Qustodio presents a time management characteristic, which is really effective.
  • The tool even offers an advanced feature for location tracking,


  • The pricing plans of Qustodio are a bit expensive in comparison with other applications that belong to the same group.
  • Sometimes, the Qustodio parental control application does not function properly. The application fails to track some of the texts or calls, where this mistake occurs very often.
  • This parental control support system for users is not up to the mark.
  • The tool gets disabled sometimes automatically, where you need to re-install the application for fixing the error.
  • Qustodio application blocks the view of split-screen, where you get no option for fixing the same.
  • Users come across several limitations in the iOS version of this application.

Qustodio Review: Read Reviews from Real Users of Qustodio

Apart from our Qustodio review, here are several opinions of real users on Google Play who have actually tried their hands-on this parental control application and arrived at their judgments.

  • One user reported that the user interface of Qustodio is simple to use. However, it does not function as advertised. The application does not monitor most texts or calls. However, it misses several features definitely. Plus, the daily usage is calculated under way than the actual one.
  • Another user reports that if your kids use iPhones, then look for another service. The user remarks that the Android version is still OK, though. The application features some minor issues, but sometimes, it ends up having several major glitches like Wi-Fi problems, the disappearance of applications, performance issues, and others. On the other hand, customer service is not good at all.
  • The other Qustodio user remarks that it is a fabulous application and very easy to use. It tracks social media apps, and offers accurate feedback, game, and application usage about your kid’s device whenever you like. It is recommended that parents who like to supervise the phone habits of their kids.

So, this parental control has received mixed reviews from the users online. Read its unique features and other things in this Qustodio review and make a decision on your own. It is best to try out its free trial that will help you in making a fair decision. Now, let’s review the application’s compatibility and pricing plans in this Qustodio review.

Qustodio Review: Compatibility and Pricing Plans

Qustodio parental control application comes with various plans. So, you are free to select the plan that seems right for you and your family. This parental control presents a list of pricing plans for families of each and every size.

Qustodio application comes with three different kinds of plans, where these plans start from the price of $39.95 onward while covering up to ten devices. The first plan from Qustodio is called the small plan. The price of this plan is just $34.95 per year, where you can even pay for a monthly plan that is available for $3.33. This small plan is perfect for small families, where the parental control app protects up to three devices. The best part is that users get to enjoy all the premium features with this plan too.

Next, the application offers a medium plan, which is available for $54.94 per year. This plan is known as the best value for money plan. The same plan is available for $4.58 a month. It is a great plan for almost all families, where you can protect up to five devices. With this package, users also enjoy all the premium parental control features.

Qustodio even offers a large plan, which is available for $96.95 per year. Meanwhile, the same plan costs you around $8.08 per month. The large plan from Qustodio makes a perfect plan for large families. Using this plan, users can protect around ten devices at a time. Here, you get to enjoy all the premium features too.

If you sign up on the Qustodio parental control app now, you get a trial for three days. This trial offer comes with all the advanced parental control features. Each one of the pricing plans supports both iOS and Android devices, where users enjoy all the advanced features.

Best Parental Control Application – KidsGuard Pro

Overall, the Qustodio parental control app is quite great, but there could be a possibility that it does not meet your standards. If you are in search of a striking competitor to Qustodio, then look no more.

There are other applications available out there, which offer better efficiency. If that’s what you are in search of, we have come up with the best Qustodio alternative.

KidsGuard Pro is a remarkable parental control tool, which comes with lots of striking features. All of its impressive features make it a better option for the tool we have mentioned above here. So, let’s have a look at some of its unique characteristics right below!

Special features of KidsGuard Pro:

  • The application offers an excellent location tracking feature. It provides you with a real-time GPS location all the time.
  • KidsGuard Pro offers superior parental controlling with options like real-time screenshots, watching mobile activities, etc.
  • Using this tool, users can have a look at various things such as browsing history, contacts, videos, calls, photos, notes, a calendar, a keylogger, and whatnot.
  • Through KidsGuard Pro, users can monitor text messages and other messages on social media applications like QQ, Kik, LINE, WeChat, or WhatsApp.
  • After launching the application, the application undergoes the incognito mode, where the icon disappears from the target device.
KidsGuard Pro

Try KidsGuard Pro


Qustodio parental control is a well-known parental control application out there. However, this application features some limitations. Due to these limitations, it does not meet the requirements of the users. So, for users who are not facing issues on Qustodio or are looking for something different, then KidsGuard Pro is what you need.

Meanwhile, KidsGuard Pro is a paid application, but it comes with a trial period that runs for three days. Under the trial period, users have to pay nothing to enjoy all its premium features.

So, wait no more and opt for this notable parental control application. Now, download KidsGuard Pro for protecting your kids!



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