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OurPact is one of the most known parental control applications. You can employ this impressive application to keep an eye on all your loved ones. Using this application, you won’t fret about the location of your children all the time.

This parental control application enables you to see the whereabouts of your family with a single click. It even assists all parents in monitoring, controlling, and guarding their kids’ activities on their smartphones.

This application has appeared in various popular portals such as The New York Times, Forbes, and others. Most of the users really like the characteristics of this parental control application.

However, is this application worth all the hype? If you want to know the answer, keep on reading OurPact reviews. Here, you will learn everything about this application, its functions, its features, and a lot more. So, let’s begin with our OurPact reviews.

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Part 1: Unique characteristics of OurPact

There are lots of OurPact reviews online where you can read about the special features of this parental control application. OurPact comes with a massive range of features. Here, we have listed some of the main characteristics of OurPact.

OurPact Reviews – Special characteristics of the OurPact free version

Let’s have a look at some features that users enjoy in the free version of OurPact!

1. Schedule Screen Time

Using this parental control application, one can set restrictions on phone usage by your kid on screen time. In this way, your kid would not spend much time on mobile devices. There is even an option to set restrictions for diverse applications separately.

Meanwhile, your kid will have enough time to indulge in useful activities such as studying, doing homework, helping with housework, and others.

2. Granting & Blocking Manually

With OurPact, parents can grant or block the access of their children to the internet manually and remotely at any time.

For instance, if your kids are at school or at other events, then you can block access to the internet so that they will concentrate on their studies. Also, you can restrict the usage of the internet by your kids if you are not present at home.


OurPact Reviews – Special characteristics of the OurPact premium version

After reading about the features that you get in the free version in OurPact reviews, it is time to know about special features that you can enjoy with the premium version.

1. Management of Multiple Devices

Using OurPact parental control, users do not need to worry if they like to manage more devices at one time. The premium version of OurPact enables users to manage 20 devices at one time.

Moreover, you can modify the preferences of management for each device that you like to monitor separately. This feature comes in handy when your kid uses more mobile devices.

2. Set Application Rules

This feature enables users to manage application usage by their kids on their mobile devices. It allows you to block some particular applications or even customize the application rules. As you know, all applications are not helpful for your kid except the educational ones. With this feature, you can restrict the usage of gaming applications and other social media.


3. Location Finder

This feature works perfectly for keeping a check on the safety of your kids all the time. If you like to know the location of your family members, you do not need to spend time explaining the exact location to each other. It is even useful when any of you lose their smartphone or it gets stolen.


4. Block Texts

OurPact allows users to keep an eye on all received or sent text messages on the mobile phone of their kids. Using this feature, you can restrict the access of your children so that your kids would not be distracted by the constant texting when they study or do their homework.


5. Geo-fencing locations

With OurPact, you can produce geofences around specified locations. In this way, parents will get a notification if their children cross that boundary. One can reach them immediately to avoid them going to places that may be dangerous for your children. You also receive an alert if your children reach or leave a particular location.


Part 2: Why choose OurPact parental control

This parental control application is very popular among users all over the world due to positive OurPact reviews.

1. When you compare the price of this device to other parental control applications available online, you will find that this application is pretty affordable.

2. The free version of OurPact enables users to access basic functions like scheduling, granting, and blocking. However, you can just manage one device.

3. The premium version of OurPact costs around $6.99 a month. With this version, you enjoy all the impressive features, as mentioned in OurPact reviews.

4. It is quite simple to set up this parental control application. For this, you just have to enter some details and make a new account on its official website. After that, the application guides you through the next process that follows. Once done, you will receive a link that can be used to install the application on your kid’s device. Thus, this application is very simple to use and set up.

5. Using this application, one can customize schedules like dinner time, bedtime, study time, and others per device at your convenience. It assists your children in putting away their devices during restricted screen time.

6. When the mobile device is not restricted against screen time, you can even restrict your kids from accessing certain applications. In this way, your children would not be able to employ the applications on their smartphones for a specific time interval.

Part 3: Reasons why not to go with OurPact

After reading some OurPact reviews, you will find that there are certain features of OurPact that users do not like. If you like to know about these features, have a look at some below!

1. When users block the monitored device, any application they download from the Play Store will get blocked automatically. Also, certain web browsers are blocked. One cannot take a screenshot on the monitored device and not even download any application from the App Store or Google Play Store.

Thus, it could be better if you have the option to block certain selected applications instead of blocking them together. In that case, you can even use useful applications like educational ones.

2. On blocking the monitored phone, all applications on your phone disappear. When you remove the block, all applications come back on display. The main issue is that when these applications reappear, these apps are sorted in alphabetical order. It could be a bit frustrating for most kids as they might have spent some time arranging these applications on their smartphones at their convenience.

3. On reading OurPact reviews, you will know that this application works perfectly well for Android devices. However, there have been some complaints posted in OurPact reviews regarding the application’s iOS version. After paying for the premium version, some users have found that the parental control application does not work on iOS devices and even crashes often.

4. Meanwhile, there’s a technical snap-in OurPact, where kids can use the internet and disable the application on their mobile devices. Thus, it negates the entire purpose of this parental control application.

5. OurPact crashes more often as its users report it. When you block the target device, your kids can access all the functions and applications easily. Some of its features only work in the starting and then stop functioning completely.

6. OurPact’s technical support is not very much helpful. There are certain technical glitches and queries that remain unsolved after many users report the same thing over time.

Part 4: Best parental control application – KidsGuard Pro

As stated above, OurPact surely comes with lots of interesting features. However, it lacks performance in various areas, according to various OurPact reviews. One can overcome the application’s limitations by going after a better alternative to OurPact.

The best alternative to OurPact is KidsGuard Pro. It is an excellent application that various satisfied users recommend to all. This application features a striking version for Android devices. This application comes with various impressive parental control features, which will definitely leave you spellbound.

KidsGuard Pro

Unique characteristics of KidsGuard Pro:

  • Location Tracking: The application comes with geo-fencing and location-tracking features. Using this, you can know about your kids’ real-time location and protect them from any potential danger.
  • Keystrokes: Its keylogging feature lets users know if their kids are accessing any inappropriate website on their device’s browser or if their kids are conversing with any predator.
  • Data Tracking: Using this tool, you can access all the saved information on the monitored device, such as videos, audio, notes, calendars, messages, etc.
  • Social Media Monitoring: KidsGuard Pro enables you to track your children’s activity on their social media accounts like Kik, Viber, WhatsApp, and others.
  • Call Tracking: With this parental control application, users can track the contact list, outgoing calls, and incoming calls on their kid’s smartphones.
  • Screenshots: The best part is that this application allows parents to take a screenshot of their kids’ activities on their phones.

Try KidsGuard Pro

So, these are some of the striking features that you get to enjoy with KidsGuard Pro. This application features a control panel that is very simple to use. The most striking part is that you can monitor your kids’ smartphones remotely.

Another best part about KidsGuard Pro is that it features a 3-day free trial period. Thus, you can check out this application before buying its premium version.


OurPact parental control application is definitely a great tool for monitoring your kid’s activity on separate mobile devices. However, it features its own range of limitations, as mentioned in several OurPact reviews.

Although KidsGuard Pro is a bit expensive, it overcomes all the limitations of the former one. Thus, this tool makes a better option for parents. Using its advanced features, parents can monitor each and every activity of their kids on their mobile devices to keep them safe from any danger.