Killer Network Service & Its High CPU Usage Issue – Fixed 2024

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The Killer Network Service is a suite of software and hardware solutions developed by the company Rivet Networks. This is introduced to optimize network performance for online gaming and other high-bandwidth applications.


The Killer Network Service includes a range of products, such as network interface cards, wireless adapters, and software applications. They are needed to prioritize gaming traffic over other network traffic.

The Killer Network Service uses a technology called “Quality of Service” (QoS) to manage network traffic. It ensures that gaming traffic receives priority over other types of traffic.

This is accomplished by identifying and prioritizing gaming traffic. This is done while slowing down or delaying other non-critical traffic, such as file downloads or streaming videos.

Killer Network Service

It Is Required to Demonstrate a Range of Other Features

In addition to prioritizing network traffic, the Killer Network Service also includes a range of other features. Network monitoring, network optimization, and network security are some of those examples. In fact, these features help to ensure that online gaming is fast, stable, and secure. This is true even when multiple devices are connected to the network.

Overall, the Killer Network Service is designed to provide gamers with a high-quality, low-latency network experience. This ensures that they can stay competitive in even the most intense online gaming environments.

Is Killer Network Service Harmful?

It is true that there have been some reports of issues with the Killer Network Service. Some users have reported that the software causes high CPU usage, network connectivity issues, or even system crashes.

However, it’s important to note that not all users experience these issues. Also, there have been many positive reviews of the Killer Network Service suite as well. Additionally, the company has released updates and patches to address some of the reported issues. Therefore, it’s possible that some of the issues have been resolved.

In general, it’s difficult to say whether the Killer Network Service is harmful or not. As a matter of fact, it may depend on individual system configurations and usage patterns. If you are experiencing issues with the software, it may be worth checking for updates. If not, you may even contact Rivet Networks support for assistance.

Is KNS a Virus?

No, the Killer Network Service is not a virus. It is a legitimate software component of the Killer Network Service suite developed by Rivet Networks. However, like any software, it’s possible that it may be flagged by some antivirus programs as a potential threat. This is specifically due to its behavior or characteristics.

Let’s assume that you are concerned that the Killer Network Service may be a virus or malware. So, you can perform a virus scan using your antivirus software or a reputable online virus scanner. This should help you determine whether the software is safe or not.

In general, it’s important to only download software from reputable sources and to keep your antivirus software up-to-date. That will ensure that your system is protected from potential threats.

Also, you may follow the steps below to verify if the KNS service is malware or not.

  • First, you should open the option called “File Explorer“.
  • Then, click on the option called “Path Bar“.
Is KNS a Virus
  • After that, copy the registry mentioned below.

C:\Program Files\killernetworking\killercontrolcenter

  • Please note that this path works only if your system comprises Killer Network Service.

From this point onwards, it’s possible to click on files that are named Killer Network Service (or even KNS). After that, click on the option called “properties“. You can then check the path and see if it’s the same.

The files that are not in the same path can be deleted. And the chances are that it may be malware.

What Can You Do If KNS Shows High CPU Usage?

There can be different reasons why your system shows high CPU usage related to KNS. However, here’s the most basic solution to try if you notice such an issue.

  • Click on “Start“.
  • Then, enter the text “service.msc“. After that, hit “Enter“.
  • Scroll down and locate the Killer Network Service.
  • Perform a double click. Then, tap “Stop“.
Stop Killer Network Service

However, if that doesn’t work and the issue persists, you can try the following options as troubleshooting methods.

1. Check for Updates

Make sure that you have the latest version of the Killer Network Service installed. This is required as updates may include bug fixes or performance improvements to resolve the high CPU usage issue.

2. Disable Unnecessary Features

The Killer Network Service includes a range of not-so-important features. Bandwidth control and network monitoring are some of those examples. Try disabling some of these features to see if it helps to reduce CPU usage.

3. Uninstall and Reinstall the Software

If the issue persists, try uninstalling the Killer Network Service software and then reinstalling it. This may probably help to resolve any issues with the software installation or configuration.

4. Check for Conflicting Software

Other software running on your system may be conflicting with the Killer Network Service and causing high CPU usage. Antivirus or firewall software are the best examples of such services. Try disabling other software temporarily to see if it helps to resolve the issue.

5. Contact Rivet Networks Support

What if none of the above steps help to resolve the high CPU usage issue? In that case, you can contact Rivet Networks support for further assistance. They may be able to provide additional troubleshooting steps or advice specific to your system configuration.

6. Change the Power Settings of the Computer

If you notice excessive CPU usage, you can even try changing the power settings of your computer. A computer will be able to achieve better efficiency when it is configured with proper power settings. You can follow the steps mentioned below if you want to change the power settings of your system.

  • Go to “Settings” and select “System“.
  • After that, click on the option called “Power and Sleep“.
  • Then, click on “Additional Power Settings” to proceed.
Additional Power Settings
  • After that, click on the option called “High Performance“.
High Performance

Is It Possible to Uninstall KNS Safely?

Yes, you can uninstall the Killer Network Service if you no longer want to use it. To do so, follow these steps.

  • First, you should go to your system’s Control Panel.
  • Click on “Programs and Features” or “Uninstall a Program“, which depends on your version of Windows.
  • Find “Killer Performance Suite” or “Killer Drivers” in the list of installed programs and then tap on it.
  • Click on the “Uninstall” button and follow the prompts to complete the uninstallation process.

Uninstalling the Killer Network Service may affect your network performance, and some features may no longer be available.

If you experience any issues after uninstalling the software, you can always reinstall it. If not, you can seek assistance from Rivet Networks support.

How to Prevent Issues Associated with KNS?

Here are some of the most important points you should consider if you want to prevent high CPU usage.

  • Update the software regularly to get the latest fixes and improvements.
  • Disable unnecessary features that you don’t use or need, such as bandwidth control or network monitoring.
  • Make sure that your system drivers are up-to-date, as outdated drivers can cause conflicts and performance issues.
  • Use a reliable antivirus program and keep it updated to prevent potential conflicts or malware infections.
  • Close other programs/background processes that consume a lot of CPU resources to free up resources for KNS.
  • Reduce network traffic on your system, as high network activity can cause high CPU usage on KNS.

Reinstall Windows

If you have tried all of those methods and nothing has worked, you may consider reinstalling Windows.

In general, a reinstallation clears every issue associated with your system. It also reinstalls files, applications, and so on. This will fix all errors pertaining to Killer Network Service as well, so you can give it a try.

However, it is advised to back up your valuable files before opting for a reinstallation. In general, reinstallation deletes all the files in your C drive.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: What is Killer Network Service?

Killer Network Service is a software component developed by Rivet Networks to optimize network performance, particularly for online gaming and bandwidth-intensive activities.

Q2: Why does Killer Network Service cause high CPU usage?

High CPU usage caused by Killer Network Service can be due to outdated or incompatible drivers, misconfigurations, or conflicts with other network-related software on the system.

Q3: How can I update the Killer Network drivers?

To update the Killer Network drivers, visit the official website of Rivet Networks or your computer manufacturer’s support page, locate the latest drivers for your Killer Network adapter, download and install them, and restart your computer.

Q4: Can I disable the Advanced Stream Detect feature to reduce CPU usage?

Yes, disabling the Advanced Stream Detect feature in the Killer Network Manager settings can help reduce CPU usage. It is worth trying if you are experiencing high CPU usage issues.

Q5: What should I do if the high CPU usage issue persists?

If the high CPU usage issue persists despite trying the aforementioned solutions, it is advisable to seek professional assistance. Contact a computer technician or the customer support of Rivet Networks for further guidance and support.


So, those are the solutions you can try if your Killer Network Service has high CPU usage.

The solutions above are simple but effective.

If you know other effective ways to address this matter, please keep us posted. We will update this post with your input.


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