Top Best Keylogger Detectors in 2023

Keyloggers are a serious concern for anyone who wants to protect their personal information.

As of today, keyloggers have become commonplace. So, you are on the safe side if you have a keylogger detector installed on your computer.

To help you out in finding the best keylogger detector, we have composed this article.

In other words, this article comprises the top five keylogger detector tools for you.

What Exactly is a Keylogger Detector?

The online world is filled with plenty of tools and strategies to track down other individuals’ information and activities.

As a response, website and app developers introduce more and more security features to protect users’ privacy.

However, these security features don’t necessarily discourage hackers from trying to access your personal data.

As a counterattack to increased security threats, hackers find newer and more advanced methods to invade others’ privacy. One of the most successful and common tools used by hackers to track down user activities is keyloggers.

A keylogger is a special type of software that is primarily developed to record all the keystrokes typed. When installed on a target computer, keyloggers start to run in the background, and they are completely unnoticeable.

As mentioned before, a keylogger is a set of codes. This special set of code works in a simplified manner. No matter whether it is installed on a Mac or a Windows PC, the keylogger works in the same manner.

The purpose of this tiny piece of software is to track down all the keystrokes performed on the target computer. These keyloggers are smart enough to send the log reports to a preprogrammed email address.

That means you can monitor the keystrokes typed even from a distance. These log reports include login details, passwords, chat messages, and anything else that are typed.

So, if your computer is a victim of a keylogger, your privacy is at great risk. Your passwords, online account information, credit card details, private chats, social media accounts, etc. would be easily monitored.

Some of the keyloggers are installed even on mobile phones, and they can even track the real-time location.

So, if you are concerned about privacy, it is handy to know how to detect these keywords. This is exactly when a keylogger detector would become handy.

How to Detect if a Keylogger is Installed in Your Computer

You can try several ways to check if you are a victim of a keylogger. However, different methods show different levels of efficiency, depending on the system you use.

A simple way to detect if there is a keylogger installed is to perform a search in the system.

Go through the programs that are installed on your system and check if there are any strange programs installed. This is more of a manual way of detecting the keyloggers.

However, we should emphasize the fact that this is not the most effective way though it is very simple. That is because most of the keyloggers function in stealth mode, and you cannot detect them manually.

However, with a bit of knowledge, you can increase the effectiveness of this method. Mentioned below are the different methods to perform to search for keyloggers.

Method 01

In fact, this method can work on Windows PCs only. First, click on the ‘Start‘ menu. After that, you should enter the text ‘msconfig.exe‘ in the search box and hit enter. You will see a different window open, and it has several tabs on it.

Find the tab that is labeled ‘Startups.’ In this tab, you will be able to find all the program information related to the startup of the PC. If you find any suspicious program under this list, that may be the keylogger that is tracking you.

Method 02

Launch ‘Task Manager‘ on your computer and find if any strange tools are functioning without your knowledge. If you see such a program, reach the file location of that tool and delete it completely. As a result, the respective keylogger will not run again.

Method 03

In the third step, you should check the control panel to get an idea about the already installed programs. If you find something suspicious or something you haven’t installed, you can uninstall it.

Make sure that you go through the installed programs closely and identify the programs that aren’t required.

Well, those are the methods you can try to detect and remove keyloggers from your computer. As you might notice, all those methods require some effort.

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Best Keylogger Detector Software

Now, in this section of our article, we will explain the best keylogger detector programs. In fact, these programs work automatically to perform deep scans and find keyloggers that run in stealth mode.

01. MalwareFox Keylogger Detector

As per our studies, MalwareFox is considered to be the best keylogger detector software due to various reasons. Maybe, you are using antivirus software already, but it may not be that effective in detecting keyloggers.

So, getting MalwareFox installed can be one of the best solutions you can try to detect keyloggers. In addition to playing the role of a keylogger detector, MalwareFox can scan and eliminate other unwanted apps too.


Features of MalwareFox

  • It can scan your computer very faster compared to other antimalware tools on the market.
  • Be capable of cleaning browsers as well.
  • It is a very lightweight application that performs without affecting the functionality of the computer.
  • One of the most effective keylogger detector programs in the market.

02. Revealer Keylogger Detector

It is true that the name of this tool is pretty confusing. However, when it comes to the performance factor, this tool is a superb keylogger detector software. This tool performs in a nice manner and ensures that no keylogger is running in the background.

Revealer Keylogger

Features of Revealer Keylogger

  • You can use it to monitor any keylogger app that tracks your keystrokes.
  • It can monitor all the activities remotely so you can stay away from the target device.
  • It even comes with a screenshot feature to collect shreds of evidence on the activities of the target user.

03. Norton Power Eraser

This is another exceptionally handy and powerful tool that can help you detect keyloggers easily. This program is offered to you by Norton, which is a reliable vendor in internet security.

This tool has the power and smartness to identify and eliminate all the possible keyloggers from your computer. In addition to that, it can monitor other spyware as well, which isn’t recognized by the regular scanners.

All in all, Norton Power Eraser is an exceptionally handy tool to protect you from various types of threats.

Norton Power Eraser

Features of Norton Power Eraser

  • This is an exceptionally powerful scanner that can deeply scan your computer for malware and spyware.
  • It can detect harmful programs that aren’t detected by regular software.
  • The scanning process is fast and accurate, so it saves time and effort.
  • It can be downloaded for free as well.

04. Kaspersky Security Scan

If you are looking for a free but powerful tool as a keylogger detector, this is the ideal tool. Kaspersky Security Scan is offered for free, and it comes with loads of features to protect you from various spyware threats.

It is compatible with any Windows system, so you don’t have to worry about its compatibility.

Kaspersky Security Scan ¨C Anti KeyLogger

Features of Kaspersky Security Scan

  • Powerful antivirus engine with excellent performance.
  • It is compatible with anyone’s requirements.
  • Schedulable scanner.
  • No conflicts are caused due to other antivirus programs.

05. McAfee Rootkit Remover

Just like the name hints, this is a rootkit remover for your computer, and it is pretty powerful. McAfee Rootkit Remover is capable of getting rid of various types of malware and rootkits on your computer. It has a special ability to remove keyloggers easily and protect your privacy.

McAfee Rootkit Remover keylogger detector

Features of McAfee Rootkit Remover

  • Ideal for rootkit detection.
  • Fast performance to save your time;
  • Can deeply scan your computer for keyloggers and eliminate them successfully.

Well, those are the keylogger detector apps we can use to protect our computers from potential threats. In fact, detecting keyloggers successfully is really important for any person who prefers privacy.

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An Example of a Powerful Keylogger Detector

If you are wondering about a keylogger that can actually run without being noticed, mSpy is a good example.

As per the tests we have done, this mSpy keylogger wasn’t detected by any of the malware scanners. It runs in the background of the system in stealth mode.

As a result, even the most powerful antivirus tools could not detect it.


The most noticeable feature associated with this app is it runs in the background in a very discreet mode. In fact, mSpy has become the most prominent monitoring tool for that very reason.

Assume that you want to track the activities your kids do on their phones. In that case, the best approach is to use a powerful keylogger like mSpy. It is user-friendly, powerful, and operative in a highly discreet manner.

Even the best malware scanners cannot detect the action of this tool. Since this tool is perfectly compatible with mobile devices as well, you can use it as parental control.

The remote monitoring feature of this keylogger ensures that you keep track of your kids all the time. Basically, mSpy is a superb app that can work as a powerful spy app.

Try mSpy

We hope this article provided you with a substantial amount of information about keylogger detector apps. Please let us know if you have further questions.



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