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How to Turn on Vizio TV Without Remote With Easy Steps?


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How to Turn on Vizio TV Without Remote

Can anyone explain how to turn up Vizio TV without remote?

Well, my TV remote is not working due to some reason.

I feel so frustrated, and can someone help me out?

Thanks in advance!”

How to Turn Up Vizio TV Without Remote? 

Are you wondering how to turn on Vizio TV without a remote? Is the TV remote broken or lost? Don’t worry; we will explain how to operate the Vizio TV without using the remote. All of those Vizio TV units indeed come with physical buttons.

However, the problem is that they are placed in a pretty “hidden” or “hard-to-find” mode. Those buttons are usually found at the back of the TV.

Also, they can be seen at the bottom right corner or even the left-side corner. What you should remember is that their placement can vary based on the model of the TV.

However, if you can find the power button, you can turn the Vizio TV on. And, to do that, you don’t need to have a remote. So, let’s learn more about it.

PS: if you are experiencing the Vizio remote not working, or my Samsung TV won’t turn on error, here are the top solutions for you.

Other Buttons Found on Vizio TV

Well, the “Power Button” is not the only physical button available in Vizio TV units. There are several other buttons included in these TV units.

For instance, there will be buttons to change aspects like channel, volume, and input. Well, there are two reasons behind the concept of hidden buttons. The main reason is aesthetics.

Practically, visible buttons are not that appealing and don’t match sleek and minimalist designs. If you take modern-day devices, they have very simple surfaces with minimal elements like buttons.

So, having buttons will add an ugly appearance to those devices. That is the main reason why Vizio TVs don’t come with visible buttons on them.

The other reason is that those physical buttons support navigation. They are not the most convenient methods when it comes to navigating between options.

Vizio comes with a smartphone app as well as a remote controller. Both of those options are exceptionally efficient. Also, they are very convenient, so you can control the TV using those options easily.

So, those are the two main reasons why the buttons are hidden. Now that you know the reasons for Vizio TVs to have hidden buttons. Let’s move ahead.

Besides, it can be frustrating if you face the Vizio TV no sound issue! Don’t worry; here are several ways to troubleshoot your Vizio TV sound is not working issues.

How to Turn on Vizio TV Without Remote using SmartCast App?

In this specific section, let’s learn how to turn up Vizio TV without a remote. The most convenient method to turn on the Vizio TV is to use the SmartCast App. You can have these two apps for iOS and Android, which is impressive.

In addition, it is always possible to control the TV with the assistance of the remote app. That means it is always possible to control the TV even without the remote.

Also, are you experiencing issues with your Vizio sound bar? Let’s learn how to reset the Vizio sound bar, as it will solve any ongoing issues with the device.

If you want to learn how to turn on Vizio TV without a remote, go ahead and read on.

  • First, you should download the app called Vizio SmartCast. That can be easily downloaded through the Google Play store or even the App Store. So, you should choose it from the respective app store, depending on the device’s platform.
  • After downloading, you will have to follow the steps mentioned below.
  • Is this the first time using this specific app? If that’s the case, you should follow a pairing process. To do that, you should go to “Devices” and choose “Add.” This option is located in the upper-right corner. In this case, you should hold the device just next to the device until the pairing is done. It won’t take that long. So, keep it there for a few seconds.
  • Once the pairing is done, you should select the option “Control,” located at the bottom.
  • Then, go to the option called “Devices.” You can find it in the upper-right corner. Then, choose the display option from the available list of devices.
  • Once that option is chosen, you can control your TV with a smartphone. In other words, your smartphone plays the role of a remote controller. So, you can use it easily to switch on or off the TV. Also, you can use it to adjust the volume and change the current channel. You can also change parameters like the aspect ratio of the TV.
  • It is not necessary to open the smartphone app to turn the TV on. If your Vizio TV is switched off, you can stream any content from the phone. That content will be displayed on the screen of TV. The TV unit will be automatically switched on due to casting the content.
How to turn on Vizio TV without remote using SmartCast App

How to Turn Up Vizio TV Without a Remote using a PS4?

Are you a professional gamer who usually plays games many times? Also, do you expect to stream gameplay through a TV for a better viewing experience? In that case, you can follow the steps below.

So, follow the below instructions if you want to learn how to turn on Vizio TV without a remote. It can be done with the assistance of your gaming console.

  • First, you should connect the PS4 gaming console to your Vizio TV unit. In this case, you are supposed to use an HDMI cable to establish the connection.
  • Now, you should choose the option called “Settings” on your system. After that, please click the “System” to proceed.
  • You can then choose the option called “Enable HDMI Device Link.”
How to turn up Vizio TV without remote using a PS4
  • When you switch on the PS4 gaming console, you will see that the Vizio TV is switched on. That will happen automatically. Also, it will recognize the correct input mode to proceed with. Besides, selecting the input mode from the available list will turn the PS4 console on.

How to Turn on Vizio Tv Without Remote using Nintendo Switch Console?

Just like PS4, Nintendo is a gaming console, and it has some different connectivity options. So, do you wonder how to turn up Vizio TV without a remote?

If so, you can go ahead and choose the following steps.

  • First, you should connect the Nintendo Switch gaming console to the Vizio TV unit. You should do that through the dock.
  • When you see the Home Screen, you should be able to find several options on it. Just select the option called “System Settings” to proceed.
System Settings Nintendo Switch
  • After that, you should select the option called “TV Settings.” You will be able to find that option in the left column. Then, you can scroll down through the list and choose “Match TV Power State.” That will switch it on.
How to turn on Vizio TV without remote using Nintendo Switch Console
  • Please note that the input will be turned off as a result of putting the console to sleep. Also, if you switch the console on, you can see that the TV automatically turns on. Moreover, the TV will switch to the most appropriate input mode after switching the console on.

Important Note for Xbox One Users

Indeed, Vizio TV works well with both Nintendo Switch and PS4 consoles. However, the bad news is that you cannot connect HDMI-CEC. Also, you cannot control the TV unit with Xbox because of that reason.

Instead of the HDMI-CEC connection, Xbox One uses an IR Blaster and Xbox Kinect. This specific peripheral device is discontinued from production. In other words, this item is not produced by Microsoft anymore.

Well, the reasons for the incompatibility of the console with Vizio TV are not clear at all. However, there are many requests from fans across the globe to resolve it. We hope that there will be a solution shortly.


So, using the remote controller is always important. However, there are ways to control your Vizio TV using other methods.

The above content explains how to turn on Vizio TV without a remote and operate it.

As you can see, there are several possibilities for establishing this connection. Since Vizio TV is manufactured with sleek and futuristic aesthetics in mind, the buttons are hidden.

For any other questions about this matter? Please let us know. We will attend to your questions at our earliest.


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