How to Recover Messages from Broken Samsung Phone

What Can We Do When Our Samsung Device is Broken & Lost SMS Text Messages?

Are you wondering how to recover messages from a broken Samsung phone? Samsung phones are based on the Android OS which works in pretty much the same manner as a desktop operating system, which means, that even if any of the data or files are deleted, you can still recover them, even if the device has been damaged.

However, the problem with this is that there is no direct way of doing that. So while on Windows OS or Mac you will have access to a “Recycle Bin” from which to recover the files in case they’ve been deleted, there’s no such feature on Android phones.

You can also lose the data while installing a new ROM, or when you are updating the software on the phone. You cannot manually recover the file or messages that have been deleted unless you use software such as Dr.Fone Toolkit for Samsung to recover the data.

Also, it is very common for Samsung phones to get water damaged, have a cracked screen, or have a black screen. The hardest part of having a damaged Samsung phone is not the financial loss you will have to bear because of it, but the fact that you’ll end up losing precious data such as contacts, messages, and other important data that are saved in the phone’s memory.

Dr.Fone – Best Broken Samsung Data Recovery

In either of the two situations, whether you’ve accidentally deleted any data or damaged your Samsung phone, you should be using Dr.Fone – Samsung Data Extraction, which is by far the best Android recovery software on the market.

Dr.Fone recovers most of your data, including your messages, some of which are probably very important to you. In addition to messages, Dr.Fone for Android recovers photos, videos, contacts, audio files, WhatsApp history, call history, and documents.

This isn’t an easy task as the data that gets deleted gets replaced by new data. So if you want the old data to be recovered, one of the first things you should do is to stop using the phone. Dr.Fone makes it easy for you to find the deleted files and to recover them.

You only have to download and install the software on your desktop computer and connected your Samsung device to it. While doing so make sure that the USB Debugging mode on your Samsung phone is turned to ON as you connect it to your PC.

The Dr.Fone software comes with a number of great features. One of them is that you can choose exactly which type of file you want to recover. So, since you want to recover SMS text messages from your broken Samsung phone, you can do just that.

You decide what is to be recovered. This saves time as you can pick and choose the data to be recovered, and won’t have to recover every piece of information.

Follow the simple step-by-step guide given below to recover SMS text messages from your broken Samsung phone.

Get dr.fone – Recover (Android)

#1: Install Dr.Fone and launch it on your computer. Now, select the option “Recover” and Recover from Android“. Click “Recover from Broken Phone” on the Left Panel, Next, select the file type to be recovered. Next, click the “Start” option which is present at the bottom of the screen.


#2: Select the file type – in this case “Messages” – that you want to recover and click Next. Choose the fault type of the phone. There are options such as “Touch doesn’t work or cannot access the phone” and “Black/broken screen“.

#3: Now select the right device name and device model of your Samsung phone. As of now, the Dr.Fone Android Recovery software works only for a few select Samsung phone types such as the Samsung Galaxy S series, the Samsung Galaxy Note series, and the Samsung Galaxy Tab series. Click Next.

#4: Follow the instructions on Dr.Fone to get your Samsung phone in the Download Mode. Turn the power off. Next, press and hold the buttons Home, Power, and Volume “-“. Now select the Volume “+” button to get the phone into the Download mode.

#5: Connect the Samsung phone to the computer. Dr.Fone scans the phone automatically and allows you to preview and recover the data from it. It displays all file types by category. You can choose the files with the messages that you want to recover. Just hit the button “Recover”.

Recover Messages from Broken Samsung Phone

That’s it; follow these steps well to recover messages from a broken Samsung phone.

Try dr.fone – Recover (Android)

Tips on protecting your Samsung phone:

  • 1. The first thing you need to do after your phone is broken is to approach the service center to see if it is still on the warranty. At this time, you can send your phone to them.
  • 2. If the break is caused by hardware faults, it is advisable to send your phone to an expert like a maintenance store. If you know the exact cause of the problem, you can prevent yourself from being tricked.
  • 3. If the break is caused by software faults, this application is easy to use even for those who don’t have very much technical knowledge. So you needn’t worry about harming your phone.
  • 4. Install some safeguard applications on your phone, so that you will be free to use your phone.


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