How to Delete Apps on LG Smart TV With Minimal Effort?

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Knowing how to delete apps on LG Smart TV is a useful approach for any user. If you already own an LG TV or are expecting to buy one, such tweaks are very handy.

Mentioned below are the steps you can take if you want to delete unwanted apps from your TV.

Know More About LG Smart TV

When compared to traditional cable television, smart TVs provide viewers with more access to content. With a good Smart TV, every user can connect with the outer world through the internet. After that, you can subscribe to various online streaming providers.

For instance, it is compatible with Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney Plus, and Hulu, among other things. You can always stay on top of the latest trends in movies and television series by following them. You can do that easily because of social media platforms.

Obviously, LG Smart TV has more features than a standard Smart TV. It features its own platform, dubbed webOS. This specific OS allows users the option of downloading and installing applications. That will allow them to do even more with their devices.

With LG’s Content Store, it is possible to browse a variety of applications and games. You can download them to an LG Smart TV. After that, you can enjoy the extra entertainment.

Assume that you find yourself wanting additional apps but don’t have enough space on your device. This is exactly when knowing how to uninstall the app on LG Smart TV becomes handy.

The good news is that you may effortlessly uninstall or delete the applications from your Smart TV. Follow the instructions outlined below to delete or even add applications from any LG Smart TV.

How to Delete Apps on LG Smart TV?

First, let’s learn how to delete apps on LG Smart TV. If you have unwanted apps, it is obviously handy to know how to uninstall the app on LG Smart TV.

With that said, the steps are pretty simple and are mentioned below for your reference.

  • When the TV is on its home screen, you should press the remote’s “Home” button.
  • After that, you should see a list of apps. All you need is to look for an app or apps that should be removed.
  • Now, you should see the app icon. Just press the “Up” button to proceed. You will be able to see the “X” mark. Then, you should highlight that and then hit the “Enter” key on the remote to proceed.
Delete Apps on LG Smart TV
  • Now, you will be prompted with a confirmation message. Just click on Okay, and that will confirm the action.

It’s that simple. That’s how to delete apps on LG TV. With the steps that are mentioned above, you will be able to delete any app you feel is unwanted. As you delete unwanted apps, you can gain more free space.

As a result, you can install newer apps whenever you need them. Anyway, having free space on your TV is a good move for the sake of speed and smooth functionality.

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How to Install New Apps on Your LG Smart TV?

Important: In order to download apps and install them on your LG Smart TV, a strong internet connection is compulsory. Otherwise, you might experience some interruptions. So, keep that in mind when installing apps.

Now that you know how to delete apps on LG TV. Let’s learn how to add new apps. You might need to install new apps due to various reasons and expect better functionality from your TV. So, let’s get started.

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Steps to Install New Apps on LG Smart TV:

  • First, you should turn on the LG Smart TV on which you are going to install apps.
  • After that, when the device is on its home screen, go to the “Home” button on the remote.
Home button on TV Remote
  • You will then notice the launcher. You can simply look for the tab labeled LG Content Store.
  • After that, click on the option called “LG Store.”
  • In that, you will be able to find several different selections to choose from. Those categories will offer various content. You can choose apps based on their functionality and what they offer.
  • And you should look for the option called “Apps and Games.”
Apps & Games on LG Content Store
  • Then you will then be directed to a search box. You can enter the name of the app you intend to add. Also, you can browse through that selection if there’s no particular app to choose from. Browsing through that selection will give you a rough idea about a suitable app for you.
Search Apps on LG Smart TV
  • After choosing an app from that list, you can click on the option called “Install“. That will initiate the installation process. As mentioned before, this requires a strong and steady internet connection to install the app properly. Also, the size of the app and the overall speed of the internet connection will determine the duration.
Install New Apps on Your LG Smart TV
  • You will be able to see an option called “Launch” once the installation is completed. When you hit that option, you can see that the app is opened on the TV. Moreover, to make things easier, the app will be added to the home screen of the TV. As a result, you can access that app very quickly whenever you need it.

You already know how to delete apps on LG Smart TV. So, you can delete them if they aren’t needed anymore.


Learning how to uninstall the app on LG Smart TV is handy for any user, as mentioned at the beginning. That will allow you to gain more free space to install new apps when required.

Having adequate free space is necessary for the smooth performance of your LG Smart TV. Also, when installing a new app, you must have a good internet connection with minimal interruptions.