How to Change the Language on Disney Plus?

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Knowing how to change the Disney Plus language is handy for any user. The following content will explain it from scratch for those who are curious.

So, let’s learn everything about it.

Introduction of Disney Plus

Disney Plus

Without a doubt, Disney is among the most popular sources of entertainment. It delivers a truly international experience for viewers across the globe.

The audience of Disney is not limited to a single nation. In fact, its content is accessed by users from Mexico to China or Spain to Japan, for instance.

Basically, every individual knows Disney Classic with a version of a language they prefer. That is exactly why Disney Plus comes with a specific feature to add audio and/or subtitles in different languages. In fact, this feature has been included in Disney Plus since the beginning.

Assume that you are going to watch a TV series, but it is in a foreign language. The good news is that you don’t have to worry about the language thanks to the aforesaid feature.

This is exactly when knowing how to change the language on Disney Plus becomes exceptionally useful.

How to Change the Language on Disney Plus? – You Can Do It on Any Device

The best news is that you can change the default language to your preferred one on any device. It can be your Apple TV, Roku, Smart TV, or even a web browser, for instance.

So, let’s learn how to change the Disney Plus language on each of those devices.

Besides, here, we will learn about the causes of the Disney Plus error code 41 and how to fix this issue easily with different solutions.

Option 01: On an Android Phone or an iPhone

Here’s how to change the language on your Android phone or iPhone. In fact, in this case, you should do the workaround on the mobile app.

In this case, you should open the app regardless of the device type before everything else. After that, you should open something to watch.

Once the content has started to play, tap on the screen so you can bring a quick setting menu. Then, please tap on the icon that appears in its top-right area to proceed.

Change the Language on Disney Plus on Android or iPhone

Then, you will be able to select the preferred language, and it is located under “Audio.” It is towards the left of the screen. And that’s exactly how to change the Disney Plus language on your iPhone or Android.

Also, in this DisneyNow vs. Disney Plus comparison, we intend to explain the most significant differences between the two for you to make a decision easily.

Option 02: On a PC

You may wonder how to change the language on Disney Plus on a PC using a browser. Here’s how to do that.

  • Select a program or movie to view on the desktop PC that you have. While it begins to play, you can bring up some quick options by moving your cursor over the screen. After that, you should click on the symbol in the upper right corner of the screen.
Change the Language on Disney Plus on PC
  • Well, you will find a vast list of different languages to select from. You can find that on the left side of the page, under the heading Audio.
Lauguages List on Disney Plus
  • After completing your pick, you will be able to continue playing. Do you want to switch the language that is used by default? You can do so by going to the Disney Plus site. Then, go to the profile image and select the option “Edit profiles.” After that, you should select the profile.
Edit Profiles on Disney Plus
  • In the settings section of your profile, select “App Language” from the drop-down box. Once you have done that, you can select the language you prefer to use.
App Language Settings

What if you intend to share an account with someone else? Well, in that case, each profile that a person creates can have its own preset default language. And those languages will be available for whatever devices they intend to enjoy the content.

In addition, let’s figure out possible reasons why Disney Plus is stuck on the loading screen and the different solutions you can try to fix it easily.

Option 03: On a Smart TV

You will follow the same procedures on your Smart TV to change the language settings. It is very similar to the process you would follow on your mobile device or desktop computer.

You should begin by selecting something to watch and then pause it using your remote control. Choose the symbol located in the upper right corner of the screen. After that, you are supposed to navigate to the Audio menu to pick your language of choice.

To alter the language that is used by default within the application, navigate to the main page. Then, you should choose your profile and then click Edit Profiles. You can select the language that the app uses by going into the settings for your profile.

In settings, you should select the option called App Language. And that’s how to change the language on Disney Plus on your smart TV.

Option 04: On Roku

Are you using a Roku device and want to know how to change the Disney Plus language in it? If so, this is the paragraph you must read. So, let’s go ahead and read it.

  • First, you should start watching something on Disney+ through your Roku device to proceed.
  • After that, click on the button with a “*” sign. This will open up the menu labeled “Audio.”
  • Now, you should select the language you intend to have on your Disney Plus content. You can select it from the menu located on the right side of the screen.
Change the Language on Disney Plus on Roku

That’s basically it. As you can see, changing the language through a Roku device is exceptionally easy.

Option 05: On “Fire TV”

As we mentioned before, Fire TV is also compatible with Disney Plus. So, you have no burden to watch your favorite Disney Plus movie or show on a Fire TV unit. The good news is that you can change the language on Fire TV when you watch Disney Plus.

However, the workaround is very different compared to the other devices. In this case, you are not allowed to change one language to another through Disney Plus.

Instead, you are supposed to switch to a different language using the Fire TV itself. Anyway, the end result is the same. So, let’s learn how to change the Disney Plus language on your Fire TV device.

  • First, please go to the “Settings” option and then go to “Preferences.” You can do it from the home screen itself.
Fire TV Preferences Settings
  • After that, you should go to the option called “Language.”
Language Preferences on Fire TV
  • It is possible to select a language as you wish. Once you have switched to a specific language, that will be applied to every streaming app on your device.
Change the Language on Disney Plus on Fire TV

Once the workaround is completed, you can watch the content in the preferred language.

Option 06: On Apple TV

Are you an Apple TV user and want to know how to enjoy Disney content in your preferred language?

Well, the process is very simple, and you can do it in a couple of seconds. Below is how to do that.

  • First, you should open Disney Plus on the Apple TV.
  • After that, as you would normally do, just select any title, be it a movie or a show.
  • Then, just swipe down your Apple TV remote.
  • Once that’s done, you should select the option called “Audio.” In fact, it is located at the top of your screen. From there, you will be able to see different languages. You can pick any language that is available.
Change the Language on Disney Plus on Apple TV

That’s basically it.


You can follow the instructions above if you wonder how to change the language on Disney Plus. The workaround is very easy, even if you are a novice. However, the language options on Disney Plus can definitely vary based on the country or region you live.

So, when you want to select a language, you obviously have to choose one from the available list.

That said, do you have any other questions related to language settings on Disney Plus? Please share your thoughts in the comments section. We will attend to your queries at our earliest.