How to Get Past a Firewall & How to Break a Firewall

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Before we learn how to get past the firewall in your system, first, we have to know what the firewall is.

Normally, the firewall is there to protect the computer from dangerous viruses. The Internet can be a very dark place; clicking on the wrong link can add a mountain of dangerous stuff to your data drive.

The firewall does a good job keeping all off that at bay. But the other times, it prevents the user from fully enjoying the services they signed up for. Any non-authenticated website gets considered a dangerous website in the eyes of the firewall.

This can be very infuriating when you are visiting these websites to complete your research. That’s when the user starts thinking about bypassing their firewall system to access their favorite websites.

How to Break a Firewall?

The most annoying thing about these firewall systems is the system will never tell you how to turn it off or allows links that won’t get a block at the firewall section.

The operating system wants you to turn on the firewall at all times; disabling it is something they don’t want you to do.

This may come off as restrictive, but there is a good side to it. It keeps your device safe from any eternal damage that can potentially erase the data from your system.

If you are wondering how to get past a firewall? Then don’t worry; this article has all the solutions you will need to fix your problem.

There are plenty of ways you can bypass your firewall system to go back to the normal everyday browsing. Here are some of the ways you can achieve exactly that.

If the great wall of china can’t prevent the user from accessing websites of their likings, there is a chance you can do that in your neighborhood.

Also, if you wish to know what does a firewall do, here you are.

#1. How to Break a Firewall Via VPN (Virtual Private Network)

If you have seen a YouTube video in the last five years, then you must have known what VPN is and what it actually does to your computer.

For the people who have no idea what a VPN is? Don’t worry. We got you covered. VPN or virtual private network allows you to create a secure connection to the server without giving away your IP address.

It protects your browsing websites from being seen. VPN has seen a surge in its popularity amongst internet users. Because of the rise of restrictions forcing people to find alternative routes to enjoy their websites.

You can easily find a VPN service that you need on the Internet free of cost. But consider getting paid one over free because you always pay the price for the free stuff.

Popular VPNs like NordVPN OR ExpressVPN are some of the popular choices of VPN services people prefer to have over anything else. If you are looking to break a firewall, you can do that through VPN services.


Here is how to break a firewall with VPN services

Here are the steps to have an active VPN on your phone.

  • Download the VPN by choosing the VPN service that you find suitable.
  • The second step would be to create an account. Some VPN services would only require you to input your email address.
  • While others will require your name, email, phone no, password, address, and other information, this is usually stuff you have to deal with by selecting a premium experience.
  • Once you are done with that, you are ready to enjoy the VPN service. Select a country and then start viewing the websites that couldn’t open an hour ago.

#2. How to Break a Firewall Via web-based proxy

If you don’t want to deal with the VPN services or even go through a third party software to experience the websites you like. So, how to break a firewall without using VPN services?

Luckily, there is another way to view your favorite website without a VPN. The answer is WEB Based on the proxy. The Internet is a vast place, and while the websites you access every day take you to a product, but there are plenty of websites on the Internet that will access your other websites. This is where you use a proxy to bypass another proxy.

Instead of connecting to a virtual private network to access the site that you want to visit. Here it is much simpler than VPN.


The first step is to go to web-based proxy sites. One of these websites goes by the name The whole website would look and feel more like a regular website, and in some cases, it is like a regular website.

The second step would be to locate the address bar on the website. Think of this as the search bar on google. Once you locate the address bar, this is where you have to input the address of the sites that you want to get access to. Right next to the search bar, there will be a button. Upon clicking the button, you will get directed to the webpage that you want to use.

A Closer Look

Now that you know how to get past a firewall system to access your favorite websites. There is a problem with using this service or method of accessing the part of the Internet that you want to access.

The problem is this method may work or may not work for your network. Many firewall services block these websites from getting accessed by the user.

This won’t be the same for all the users online. If you are living in a place where you don’t get a tighter restriction on your network, you will be able to use these websites to get to your favorite sites. but these websites will be blocked if your WIFI services follow more strict regulations on their Internet.

#3. How to Break a Firewall Via Tethering

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If your WIFI network is being the problem between you and the site you want to visit. Then you have the option to switch to another network. You can do that through a regular smartphone.

All smartphones has tethering services in them. What it does is, it lets the user have the Internet on a computer through a phone.

If you are worried about the speed, then don’t. The data connection is very fast via tethering. And one of the best things about this way of connecting to the Internet is the stability that you get using this.

Normally, the Wi-Fi connection tends to break after a while. Using WIFI always put your whole network on risk. There are plenty of things that can happen; if you use Wi-Fi as your internet service, you have to maintain the service every single day. Changing passwords is one of them, so no one can just directly connect to your hotspot by just clicking the name.

With tethering, nothing comes between you and your phone. All you need is a USB data cable, and that’s just it. Then you are ready to go. It is one of the easiest answers to how to break a firewall with no extra software.

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How to Break a Firewall with USB tethering

  • Get a data cable online or at your local store
  • Connect the charger wire from pc to your smartphone. The rectangular end of the wire goes into the USB slot of a PC, and the other ends get hooked into the hole at the bottom of the phone.
  • When you are done connecting the phone to your PC, you will get a popup notification saying your phone has been connected to your phone. Technically, the phone is connected, but you can’t access the Internet from the phone.
  • On default, the model sits at charging or file transfer. We want USB tethering; go to your phone setting in the connection menu. Here you will find the tethering option; just turn it on.
  • The last thing you will need to do is connect to the Internet. Then you will have the Internet on your computer ready to use.

#4. Via Remote Desktop

If you have ever used a Windows operating system, then you must have come across the remote desktop app. This addition is unique on windows. It comes with every variation of windows. This desktop client helps you connect to another computer or an internet connection.

But to do that, you have to follow a lengthy number of steps to make that happen. Don’t let that get you down. Below you will get all the information you will need to start your own remote desktop.

How to Break a Firewall with Remote Desktop

  • First, we are going to allow the remote desktop. Open control panel > system & security > allow remote access.
  • Then, hit allow remote connection to this computer. You can do that by checking the checkbox.
  • After that hit ok and apply congratulations; your computer is ready for a remote connection.

To start remote access on the Internet, you will need to set up your router to allow remote connection. To do that you will need your IP address. If your computer is connected to the dynamic services, then the IP address her would be changed frequently.

You will need to get a hold of your static IP address. So, you don’t have to configure the entire thing every time you want to connect to the Internet.

#5. Shutting the process down

If software prevents you from connecting to the website, you can just stop that service or downright disable it for all time. This will save you a lot of trouble setting the alternative route to your favorite websites. Here is another way you can get past a firewall system.

All you have to do is open your task manager. You can do so by right-clicking on the taskbar, then clicking on the task manager. If you like a shout cut approach, then press Ctrl + Alt + Delete, you select the process from there.

Once you are in the task manager, look for the service that you find unusual. This software would have different names and descriptions right next to them. Here you can disable these processes or stop them from getting back to normal browsing.

It may require you to restart your computer to show the full effect.


Following these steps would help you prevent and learn the rules for getting past a firewall from your computer. Technically all the mentioned services won’t require you to spend any dime on them.

Just think of it as technical wizardry to solve your technical problem. Mane computer user looks for how to break a firewall daily because, with improper rules, the firewall can block almost everything on the Internet.

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