The Best Google Pixel 2 XL / 4 XL Screen Protectors

Part 1. Best Google Pixel 2 XL Screen Protectors

The 6-inches POLED display of the Pixel 2 XL is one of its best features, but it’s also the most sensitive part of your phone.

Few things are scarier than watching your smartphone take a tumble and hoping the screen is not damaged. Thank god a screen protector can keep it safe.

With so many different, identical-looking protectors available, picking the best one can start feeling safe. For the best protection against scuffs, we have chosen some high-quality tempered glass or screen guards for Pixel 2 XL.

These screen protectors sport 2.5D rounded edges for full coverage and come with accurate cutouts for perfect installation.

And bubble-free adhesives are the best and easy to install. But still, many accessory makers offer screen protectors in multiple packs to get the best screen protector for your Pixel device without spending many bucks on it. So, let’s jump right to explore the roundup!

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#1 – Whitestone Dome Tempered Glass Shield

Whitestone Dome Tempered Glass Shield

The exciting thing about Whitestone’s screen protector is that it can repair small cracks and imperfections by itself. The installation kit comes with a UV curing lamp, a special tray, and several other bits and pieces that may initially be a little complex.

But by following the instructions and ensuring that your Pixel 2 XL is completely clean before starting and ends up with a perfect protective layer. It’s rated 9H hardness, has no dots and filters out some blue light.

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#2 – Griffin Survivor Glass Screen Protector

Griffin Survivor Glass Screen Protector

Tempered glass is your best way for reliable screen protection, and Griffin is the name you can completely trust on. Its screen protector scores 9H on the hardness scale, it’s just 0.5mm thick, and hammers have hit it during impact testing.

It almost fits with most cases and also sports a special coating to repel fingerprints and scratches. It’s quite costly, but you get a decent application kit, and it will keep your Pixel 2 XL screen in its best condition. It comes with a lifetime warranty, too.

#3 – Power Support Brilliant Tempered Glass

Power Support Brilliant Tempered Glass

It’s a perfect fit and a completely clear, tempered glass screen protector for the Pixel 2 XL might tempt you. It has perfect cutouts to ensure no interference with normal smartphone usage. It’s just 0.3mm thick, so it will not only guard against cracks and scrapes but it should also keep away smudges at bay, thanks to its special coating. It’s quite costly, but the fact is that it is capable of protecting your screen.



Put, QITAYO is one of the best screen protectors for Pixel 2 XL. It comes with a reinforced glass structure, and the screen guard provides a reliable defense to the screen.

It also features an anti-dust nano-coating, which prevents dust and scratch from destroying smoothness. Another quality that makes QITAYO an excellent option is its curved and smooth edge that gets fitted out seamlessly on the entire screen to give edge-to-edge coverage.

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# 5- Skinomi TechSkin Screen Protector

Skinomi TechSkin Screen Protector

If your budget is low, then you may think about it because it’s a reasonable price two-pack from Skinomi, but be warned before because this is a TPU, so the screen protector and plastic will not safeguard your screen as well as tempered glass. It will just absorb small impacts and guard against small scratches.

It also comes with UV protection, so it shouldn’t be yellow, and there is also a lifetime replacement warranty. So if you already have a case with a decent bezel or extended frame to protect the screen, then this might be enough.

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Part 2. Best Google Pixel 4 XL Screen Protectors

You can say that Pixel 4 XL misses an excellent style and even win the debate greatly. But whenever it comes to the display, Google Pixel 4 XL smartphone comes with a resolution of 1440 x 3040 pixels, ~537 PPI pixels density, and 90Hz max refresh rate for the ultra-smooth response, and the super 6.3-inch Quad HD display shines where it counts.

The top-grade display warrants enhanced shields to stay protected, considering glass is always susceptible to scratches and cracks. To keep the AMOLED display safe against scratches and unexpected uneven bumps, we have selected the best screen protectors, which you can buy for your Pixel 2 & 4 XL smartphone.

Some things are scarier than watching your phone fall suddenly and hoping the screen is not damaged.

Thankfully, a good screen protector can keep you safe in these situations. The Pixel 4 XL is the most prominent phone announced by Google, and naturally comes with a larger display to protect.

#1 – ESR


ESR’s screen guards are very highly rated because they are stable. The company also claims that the screen guard is 3x stronger than the other ordinary screen protectors on the market and can withstand up to 5 kg of pressure.

Besides, it also features rounded edges for complete protection against scratch. And with an oleophobic coating, it resists oil, fingerprints, and sweat to offer maximum sensitivity to your phone.

Another thing is that the ESR screen guard is bubble-free so you will not have any trouble while installing it on your Pixel 4 XL smartphone.

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Sporting precise cutouts and a smooth curved edge, the Spain screen protector offers edge-to-edge protection to the OLED display of your Pixe 4l XL smartphone.

Made of high-quality tempered glass, the screen guard is powerful and gives 9H hardness. And with 0.33mm thickness, it can reduce scratch and impact quickly.

It also gives top-notch clarity so you can see your content without trouble. The unique ability to resist fingerprints and dust helps it keep transparency and responsiveness intact for a long time.

On top of all, Spain offers screen guards in four packs at just one price, which makes it one of the cheapest screen protectors for Pixel XL.

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OMOTON doesn’t need any introduction; it best fits your Pixel 4 XL. This company is one of the significant manufacturers of screen protectors. So, it doesn’t have to put effort into catching any attention.

If we talk about the quality of this screen protector, it features perfect cutouts and has 2.5D rounded edges that provide full coverage to the large 6.3-inch screen smartphones.

Another useful feature is its responsiveness, thanks mainly to the oleophobic layer that keeps oil, dust, and sweat away.

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#4 – AmFilm Tempered Glass Screen Protector

AmFilm Tempered Glass Screen Protector

At only 0.3mm thick and with curved edges, this screen protector has a small footprint that easily matches the case. It boasts 9H tempered glass, scratch-resistant, and it sports an oleophobic coating to shrug off scrapes.

The design is slightly different than you might be used to because only the black frame edges are adhesive. According to AmFilm, this allows for higher sensitivity on the touchscreen and bubble-free installation.

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#5 – UniqueMe Tempered Glass

UniqueMe Tempered Glass

Unique Me comes with a series of cutouts around the front-facing camera and other sensors with its three-pack of tempered glass screen protectors. It claims that they use a dual coating technology that protects against abrasions, fingerprints, and oils.

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#6 – FilmHoo


I always prefer a screen guard, designed to be case-friendly, and gets along comfortably with any case. That’s the reason why FilmHoo has caught everyone’s eye. With 0.25mm thickness, it’s possibly the thinnest screen protector for your Pixel 4 XL.

It also provides HD clarity and extra hydrophobic and oleophobic layers for improved protection against scratches, oil, and dust. For durability, it may not be powerful at all, but it can be trusted to absorb impact and also take on nasty scratches easily.

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#7 – TopAce


Well, I have chosen this gift from TopAce specifically for people with a limited budget to spend on a screen protector. It’s Made of soft TPU material; the TPU case is slim and snaps around Pixel 4 XL snuggly. It also features a geometric pattern on the back for enhanced heat dissipation.

So, there is a meager chance of your smartphone getting hot even after hours of gameplay or movie streaming. Its screen guard comes with 9H hardness and is fully scratch-resistant to ensure that its 6.3-inch AMOLED display remains safeguarded against scratches. And just at $8.88, it’s probably the cheapest combo of a screen protector and TPU cover.

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#8 – Buluby


For the desired protection to the Pixel 4 XL’s OLED display, you can go with Buluby. The screen guard is right in all aspects. Whether it’s clarity or additional coating to prevent fingerprints and scratches, it covered all the basics to be a durable protector of your screen.

It also features a friendly design to ensure that you can use a variety of cases on your smartphone without any inconvenience, and just for $7.99 for three packs, it’s not expensive either.

#9 – TOCOL


A good screen guard like Tocol deserves a chance. The company claims that the screen protector provides top-class protection to the screen. And its also durable tempered glass with industry-standard hardness.

The clean cutouts make sure that it doesn’t interfere with the front camera and motion sensor; it also can ward off dust and oil, enabling it to offer desired sensitivity.

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#10 – PULEN


It provides high transparency and unmatched response; the Pullen screen guard is one of the best in the business. Thanks to its high-grade tempered glass, it is equally strong when protecting it from scratches. At 0.33mm, this case is a little thick to safeguard against impact.

The neat cutouts with bubble-free assist it in getting installed perfectly on the screen. Overall, it’s one of the best screen protectors for Pixel 4 XL considering the HD clarity and top-notch sensitivity.

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#11 – OEAGO


It claims to deliver 99.9% high-definition clarity. OEAGO screen guard deserves a chance on your Pixel 4 XL. As compared to other screen protectors, it’s a bit thin.

But it has enough strength to fight scratches and impact when it comes to safeguarding the display. Installing an OEAGO screen protector with bubble-free adhesives is a painless experience.

The tempered glass screen defender also doesn’t leave any residue behind when you will remove it. But still, the manufacturer offers it in three packs with a lifetime replacement warranty.

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#12 – LK Tempered Glass

LK Tempered Glass

LK includes an installation guide with a three-pack of screen protectors. It also backs up its product with a lifetime replacement warranty, so you don’t have to worry for as long you own your Pixel 4 XL.

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Choose the best Screen Guards for Google Pixel 2 & 4 XL

So, these were the top screen protectors for your Google “Pixel 2 & 4 XL“. High-quality tempered glass and industry-standard hardness. They also offer HD clarity and give additional layers to fight out fingerprints to keep responsiveness intact for a long. So, which is your favorite screen protector for the Pixel smartphone?



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