Top 6 Free SMS Tracker Without Installing on Target Phone

Why Do We Need Free SMS Tracker Without Installing on Target Phone?

With smartphones, you can easily connect with everyone through the internet. However, text messaging shares the same status as before.

Most people still use text messaging to converse with others. It worries parents as children can easily conceal with whom they are texting over messages.

As a parent, you must be worried about the weird behavior of kids who keep on texting someone all the time. When you face situations like these, it becomes necessary to track the activities of your children’s smartphones.

To rescue you, we have developed the top free SMS tracker without installing it on the target phones for Android and iOS devices. So, let’s get started with these SMS tracking applications!

Part 1: 3 Best Free SMS Tracker without Installing on Target Phone for iOS

There are lots of software or applications that enable users to keep track of SMS on the target iPhone.

To track the iOS activities, you do not have to install any of these applications on the target device. Thus, your kids will never know that you monitor all of their iOS devices’ activities.

So, let’s learn about the three best free SMS trackers without installing them on the target device for iOS. These applications even work for the latest models like iPhone 8 and iPhone X.

1. KidsGuard

Compatibility: Up to iOS 15

KidsGuard Free SMS Tracker Without Installing on Target Phone

This application is a child monitoring tool that one can use to track text messages without accessing the target iOS device.

You do not have to install any application on your kid’s smartphone to track the SMS activity. You need to be acquainted with their iCloud ID and password to make it work.

With this parental control tool, you can monitor their cell phone activities, including text messages. So, go with this free SMS tracker without installing it on the target phone.

Unique Characteristics of KidsGuard:

  • With KidsGuard, one can track anyone remotely.
  • This Snapchat viewer application tracks all received and sent messages on target devices.
  • Users can read each SMS on the iOS device without installing the application.
  • KidsGuard even allows you to check the monitored device’s call history and browser history.

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2. mSpy

Compatibility: iOS 7 – iOS 15

mSpy Free SMS Tracker Without Installing on Target Phone

It is also a free SMS tracker without installation on the target phone that users use to monitor SMS on someone’s iOS device. mSpy performs the monitoring task in both ways, whether you can install the application on the target iOS device or not.

If you go with the option of installing the app, you need to jailbreak the device. The only drawback of the non-installation edition is that it comprises fewer features than the other one.

Unique characteristics of mSpy:

  • With mSpy, you can even track calendars and events.
  • This application allows you to monitor phone calls, contacts, and SMS on the monitored iOS device.
  • To make it work, you require the iCloud password and ID.
  • This application allows users to read text messages and IM messages received or sent on the iOS device.

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3. iKeyMonitor

Compatibility: iOS 9 – iOS 15

iKeyMonitor Free SMS Tracker Without Installing on Target Phone

On our list of free SMS trackers without installing on the target phone, iKeyMonitor is the next tracker. With this SMS tracker, parents can track each and every activity on their child’s smartphone.

iKeyMonitor tracks activities like phone calls, text messages, phone data, and others. However, with this program, parents cannot block games and applications on the monitored iOS device.

Read more from the iKeymonitor Review.

Unique Characteristics of iKeyMonitor:

  • iKeyMonitor enables users to check their browser and call history.
  • With this application, one can track received or sent messages effortlessly.
  • This program works with the help of an iCloud password and ID.
  • iKeyMonitor shows the contacts of people that sent texts on the iOS device.

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Part 2: 3 Best Free SMS Tracker without Installing on Target Phone for Android

Like iOS SMS trackers, there are various SMS tracking applications for Android devices.

One can use these free SMS trackers without installing them on the target phone to monitor all activities on someone else’s smartphone. So, let’s know some of the best SMS trackers for Android phones.

1. Hoverwatch

Compatibility: Android 4.0 – Android 12


Hoverwatch is also a great monitoring application for Android devices. However, you need to install the application on the Android device that you wish to monitor.

Hoverwatch for Android comprises lots of features as compared to the one for iOS devices. So, go with this interesting tool for tracking an Android device.

Unique characteristics of Hoverwatch:

  • Hoverwatch helps you to track instant messages and SMS on the monitored device.
  • With Hoverwatch, one can track all the keystrokes made on Android phones.
  • This application monitors phone contacts and calls.
  • It keeps a check on the browser history along with URLs.

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2. TheTruthSpy

It is the best free SMS tracker without installing it on the target phone for spying on text messages. However, that’s not true actually for this program. To use this SMS tracker, you must physically access the target Android device.

However, this tool is quite powerful when it comes to hacking different information. Undoubtedly, it is the best spying application for Android devices.


Unique characteristics of TheTruthSpy:

  • TheTruthSpy hacks smartphone activities like social messages, call logs, and others.
  • This hacking software tracks each and everything on the monitored device.
  • This tool is free, and you can try out its amazing features before purchasing the paid version of TheTruthSpy.

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3. FlexiSPY

This free SMS tracker comes with various spying features. This spy tool lets you watch your kids’ activities on their Android devices. You can use its free version before purchasing the paid version. To use this tool, you do not need rooting of the target Android device.

Flexispy Free SMS tracker without installing on target phone for Android

Unique characteristics of Flexispy:

  • Along with SMS, Flexispy spies over social media texts like Instagram, WhatsApp, and Facebook.
  • With this tool, you can track the real-time location of the target person. It even supports geo-fencing.
  • Flexispy enables you to track browser history as well as search keywords.
  • It monitors call logs and text messages remotely.
  • It spies over media files like images, videos, and voice recordings.

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SMS tracking has become considerable among married couples and parents. Here, parents like to track SMS on their kids’ smartphones because they want to protect their children from shady people or strangers.

Meanwhile, married couples like to monitor their spouses’ SMS to ensure they are not cheating on them.

In case you have the above requirements, you are free to use the free SMS tracker without installing it on the target phone to monitor the text messages of someone.

Hopefully, you will find the best application to monitor text messages without letting the other person know about it.



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