Top Best Fancy Toilet and Modern Toilet of 2022 For You

There are many homeowners who want to experience the luxury of a fancy toilet. If you fall into that category, we have created this list just for you.

All these modern toilet options come with pretty expensive price tags, but they offer excellent features in return.

PS: here, you will figure out the best wall-hung toilets and the top best flushing toilets, as well as the best small toilet.

What sets an ‘excellent’ modern toilet apart from a ‘good’ toilet?

There is no shortage of products to consider when you are searching for a fancy toilet. So, it is compulsory to know how to separate the best from the rest. After all, you are prepared to tolerate a pretty expensive price tag, so you deserve better quality.

With that said, mentioned below are the characteristics that differentiate an excellent fancy toilet from an ordinary one.

01. Sleek design

One of the obvious characteristics that set a modern toilet apart from conventional options is its design. The design of such a toilet must come with a sleek design and shouldn’t have a bulky appearance. Also, it shouldn’t have any of those unnecessary functions. The water tank of these toilets must be able to save a considerable amount of space.

02. Excellent water usage

There are toilets that offer 0.8 to 1.6 gallons per flush. However, they are not necessarily releasing precise water volume when flushing. Instead, they are more concerned about conserving water. But, with a fancy toilet, the exact amount of water will be flushed depending on the waste. In fact, it is not a waste of water. Instead, it is a process of using an adequate amount of water.

03. Increased flushing power

One of the most notable characteristics associated with a modern toilet is its flushing power. That means a better flushing power with the utilization of a minimal amount of water should be expected.

In addition to that, we have considered a variety of other aspects to compose this list. So, let’s move on.

Fancy toilet – list of best options

When you are shopping around for an excellent fancy toilet, you can use the below-mentioned list as a guide.

#1 Best Fancy Toilet – TOTO G400 Washlet

TOTO has a great reputation for its exclusive products that offer a luxury bathroom experience. Their products are known for elegance, efficiency, and the best value for the money you spent.

Well, some individuals wonder if they really go for a luxurious toilet setting, especially when affordable options are available. Well, it is just like you are using an iOS device over a more affordable Android device. So, as long as you can afford it, using a fancy toilet is a matter that defines your personal preference.

With TOTO G400 Washlet, you can experience warm water washing from both front and rear. In addition to that, this masterpiece comes with pressure controls and temperature adjustments.

There is a heated seat feature included in this modern toilet to ensure your comfort. It’s packed with other fancy features such as an automatic deodorizer, an illuminated touchpad, and a warm air dryer as well. To offer you a more personalized toilet experience, it has a user-memory function, auto flush, and auto open/close functions.

To make it more effective in water consumption, this product comes with a dual flush system. It is called Dual Max Cyclone which flushes with minimal water and more power. As a result, it is certified with WaterSense.

Features we like

  • Excellent dual flush system.
  • The lid is designed to open and close automatically.
  • Automatic flush feature.
  • It has an air deodorizing feature.
  • It can heat the seat to provide better comfort.
  • Be operated through a remote controller.
  • Universal height to match any bathroom layout.

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#2 Best Fancy Toilet – Kohler Veil K-5401-0

Kohler Veil K-5401-0 is considered to be one of the most elegant products in the modern-day market. It comes with well-balanced curves and a beautiful overall appearance as well. In addition to its beautiful appearance, this product is known for its perfect water consumption and touchless flush system.

Kohler Veil K-5401-0 has a special sleek design that can add a modernized appearance to your bathroom layout. Thanks to the smart design utilized for this product, it can consume water in a very efficient manner. It delivers excellent hygiene and individual comfort as a wonderful modern toilet.

It is true that this product is expensive compared to the other products on the market. However, in return for the expensive price tag, you get luxurious features. For instance, its modern design, touchless flush, and excellent water usage are some of the luxuries you will experience.

On top of that, you get an LED nightlight experience which is particularly handy to open and close. All those features can be easily controlled using a touchscreen LCD remote controlling device. The elongated shape of the bowl offers a great deal of comfort as well.

Features we like

  • A very smart dual flush feature that offers you the option of flushing with 0.8 or 1.28 gallons.
  • It has front and rear wash modes, and you will be provided with hot water for better cleansing.
  • A warm air-drying system that offers you a better experience.
  • Adjustable temperatures.
  • It is equipped with an automatic deodorization system.
  • The seat of this product is heated, and it also comes with adjustable temperature settings.
  • An emergency flush feature that activates during power outages.

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#3 Best Fancy Toilet – TOTO Neorest 550 MS980CM #01

This product is offered with excellent color choices such as Sedona beige, colonial white, and cotton white. Thanks to the ceramic blaze, you will be able to experience effortless cleaning on the toilet. In addition to that, the ceramic blaze ensures that the color doesn’t fade for decades.

TOTO Neorest comes with a nightlight as well. If you install this fancy toilet in your bathroom, you don’t have to wonder about lights anymore. That is because this product has a handy nightlight. Basically, Neorest 550 comes with three key features; touchless flush, precise water consumption, and sleek design.

In addition to that, it comes with a washlet cleansing as well, which includes three options. The seat of this product has an adjustable height. The spray can be adjusted too. All those features collectively offer you an excellent experience.

On top of that, this fancy toilet has a remote controller too. As a result, you will be able to enjoy a more convenient, advanced bathroom experience that you deserve. In a nutshell, TOTO Neorest is one of the best modern toilet products designed for the future.

Features we like

  • It comes with an LED backlight.
  • This toilet can open and close the lid automatically.
  • It features washlet cleansing using three modes.
  • The automatic flush feature performs hands-free functionality.

#4 Best Fancy Toilet – TOTO MW614584CEFG#01

Don’t be surprised if this list comprises of a couple of more TOTO products. In fact, TOTO products deserve prominent positions in any list that comprises top expensive toilets. Coming back to this specific product, it has a safe and powerful cleaning method after every use.

The special flush technology called Tornado flush system is the key behind its successful mechanism. With each flush, it deploys a force of 1.28 gallons. To make it more efficient, it comes with Cefiontect Glaze as well. As a result, it features a very small amount of bowl friction so that the flushing will be precise.

This special toilet offers rear and warm water washing as well. To give you a more personalized experience, this product comes with five adjustable temperature levels and pressure levels. In addition to that, it gives you the option of choosing oscillating or pulsing steam.

The auto-open/close lid and heated seat, air deodorizer, and nightlight add more value to this product. In addition to that, there is a warm air dryer, which also comes with five adjustable temperature levels. The purpose of all those value additions is to provide you with great comfort and convenience.

Features we like

  • Five adjustable temperatures with air dryer and water.
  • The option of choosing oscillating or pulsing steam.
  • Adjustable water pressure levels.
  • Air deodorizer and nightlight for a better experience.
  • Excellent design that comes with a futuristic appearance.
  • Powerful flushing and glazed inner surface to get rid of waste efficiently and faster.

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#5 Modern Toilet – TOTO MS900CUMFG#01 Neorest NX1 Electronic Dual Flush Toilet

This is another unique product that has a modern but minimalist design. One of the most admirable characteristics associated with this product is its space-saving design. The bidet feature of this product gives you a comfortable, convenient experience with luxury. In fact, the bidet shower is exceptionally effective and hygienical compared to the conventional toilet papers. To add more value to this product, they have made water consumption an efficient one. The design of this product is very effective and beautiful.

There are multiple water cleansing options associated with this product. For instance, it comprises of the front, rear, soft rear, pulsating, and oscillating cleaning options. As a result, you can expect more efficient and comfortable cleanliness. One of the best things associated with this product is that it offers a totally customizable experience. For instance, it lets you customize both temperature and water flow. Moreover, it has a warm air dryer, and the seat can be heated to match your comfort.

The lid of this product opens and closes automatically. In addition to that, it comes with a built-in LED nightlight as well. Thanks to the smart design, it can be cleaned exceptionally easier. The cleaning is made even easier with the use of EWATER+, which is a very efficient method. Compared to the regular water, treated water delivers better results.

In a nutshell, this product is a combination of beauty and excellent performance. With each flush, it deploys less than one gallon of water. More importantly, it is made using the best materials to ensure longer lifespan and strength.

Features we like

  • The adjustable temperature on the seat.
  • Highly customizable bidet settings.
  • EWATER+ system to maintain the cleanliness of the bowl for a longer period.
  • Automatic lid that closes and opens depending on your approach.
  • Air deodorizer to ensure a more pleasant experience.
  • An LED nightlight that brings more convenience.
  • It can be ideal for disabled and elderly individuals.
  • Warm air dryer.

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#6 Modern Toilet – Woodbridge T-0008 Luxury Bidet Toilet

Woodbridge T-0008 Luxury Bidet Toilet is a very popular option among those who prefer luxurious toilets. It has a perfect e. Compared to conventional designs, this special toilet promotes a very comfortable posture for any person. Users will find it easier to stand up and sit down on this toilet. This product is introduced as a smart toilet, particularly because of the high-tech features it comprises. Bidet washing, warm air drying, and heated seat are some of those handy features that can impress you.

When it comes to the installation, it’s a breeze thanks to its convenient design. This is designed to be an energy-saving product as well. In addition to that, it comes with a soft-closing lid, so there will not be any accidental breaks. The modern and sleek appearance is achieved through a one-piece design.

The bidet feature of this product assures better hygiene compared to the use of toilet papers. It gives a more comfortable experience as opposed to a conventional design. There is an LED light integrated into this fancy toilet in the form of a nightlight. As a result, you will find your toilet easier, even during the middle of the night. There is a heated seat with five temperature levels. Also, it has a spray for a bidet which gives pulsating or oscillating based on your preference.

Features we like

  • It comes with five temperature settings for the toilet seat.
  • Multiple spray settings are associated with the bidet cleaning option.
  • There are five heat settings when it comes to the air dryer.
  • All the features can be customized to offer a better experience.
  • Well-elongated shape so it is easy to stand up and sit on the toilet.
  • Soft-closing lid and self-cleaning.
  • LED light as a nightlight.

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You may go through the product list once again and choose the best fancy toilet that matches your bathroom.

If you have better suggestions for those who are looking to buy a modern toilet, please comment below.



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