FamiSafe Review – Top Parental Control Tool in 2023

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In this article, you will read all the positive-negative aspects of the FamiSafe product.

In this FamiSafe review, we will explore how it can help improve the safety of your children through just a click of a button on the phone.

And, we will know all the features the software provides and how easily these features come in handy in our daily lives. These are the things that people ask first before choosing the product to apply to their daily life.

In this FamiSafe review, you will read every bit of information regarding the product.

Why Do We Need FamiSafe – The Best Parental Control Tool

We are living in an age where everything runs at a much faster speed than anything else. There are both upsides and downsides to this facto. The smoother movement of the new technology helps us reach the full potential of the product we use or the service quality we receive.

The downside of the evolution of technology is all the bad corners you will get with the information. There is a body to check if the information is right or wrong. Anybody can open up any piece of information on their computer, not knowing how that information will help them and how it will affect the brain. This FamiSafe review will let you know all the answers to these questions.

If you are a parent having your children exposed to all the stuff available on the Internet can lead to harmful things in the future. The children might not show signs of it, but this will affect their development process.

Especially nowadays, where information gets shared on the Internet every second, it can be very worrisome to the parents that their children can view any website on the Internet without going through any legitimate security block.

The daily work life of being a parent won’t let you have enough time to care about these little things. But these little things are what shape the kid to become a man.

There is a way to control the flow of entertainment or the Internet that children get access to every day. It’s by using parental control apps on the device. It will give you more control over the behavior of your children. So you will get to know every development that kid goes through when they are around a computer or smartphone.

By observing the website, the children have access to; you can read the behavior pattern of the kid and the psychological aspect of brain development. So as a family, you can work on the problem to fix it later. Having a parental app not only helps you control the kid’s search results but also will help you list all the problems to which your kid has an addiction.

In this new generation, that is indeed taking commonplace. More families have distanced themselves from their kid’s life, which can lead to a disastrous effect in the future if not controlled properly. In this article, you will learn about one of the best parental control apps to help you have a better relationship with your children.

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FamiSafe Parental Control

FamiSafe is a parental control app that shares the umbrella of Wondershare. If you have ever tried your hands-on video edition, then you might have heard of the Wondershare Filmora.

FamiSafe application brings a lot of features to the table for the user; this app can get details from the target device faster while and more effectively.

Famisafe - Parental Control

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The application will track every tiny development in the targeted phone and send it back to the host device. (Where the app is used) you will get detailed, in-depth research on what the kids are watching.

When are they watching? And how long do they spend their time watching it? These questions will lead to you finding a proper answer for what your kid is becoming.

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FamiSafe Features

Now you have a genuine idea about what FamiSafe does as an app on the phone. But what are the features of the app? And how will it help you determine your kids’ safety? Here are some of the best features that come with FamiSafe.


This is very nerve-wracking to any parents, not knowing where their kids spend their precious time. FamiSafe features will help you locate the exact location of the kid’s phone.

One of the best safety precautions you can take is tracking your kid’s phone from anywhere. Besides tracking, you will also have access to another feature called ‘Geofencing.’ Geofencing is part of the tracking technology; it will help you create a virtual circle around your kid.

Think of it as a safe zone, anything that gets in the virtual zone and anything that gets out of the virtual zone. The parents will get immediately notified of the results.

FamiSafe Review - Location Tracking

However, there will be a limitation in the location tracking of this app. Locations will not be updated frequently. You are not going to get a second-to-second development. And you can’t edit the existing geofence in time setting, name, or boundary setting.

Web Filter

The Internet is filled with things that can help your children elevate their knowledge and, simultaneously, drag their brains to the darkest part of the world. Parent should have some sort of control over what their kid sees and does on the Internet.

FamiSafe features a web filter to get rid of the problem over your head. If a website needs parental control, the app will let you know the information.

The web filter feature can only be used on safari, a default browser app on IOS devices. And some content on a blocked website can still be viewable to the user. Other than that, web filters can block access to the website once the website is added to the blocked list.

Here you can block certain themes of the websites such as – religion & spirituality, violence, adult, inappropriate, age-restriction website, and illegal use of drugs. If a website falls under one of these groups, then the website will get blocked.

FamiSafe Review - Web filter


This can be only the most crucial feature to some parents. It is justified. Every parent should have the right to know how long their kids spend on the Internet. Effective scheduling will let the kids control their time and put the time into something more meaningful.

FamiSafe will provide a screen time schedule feature; with this feature, you can control the time the kids spend on the Internet. If they spend any longer, then they will be blocked from accessing the site further.

Parents will have full control over the time limit on the device. If it goes above the recommended time or parents set up time, the device will be turned off or let the children know their time is offered.

FamiSafe Review - Screen Time

App Blocker

With this feature, you can limit the time on a specific app. Sometimes kids might be hooked up to different apps on the phone than the whole Internet. You can set off a scheduler for the Internet to keep track of the device’s uptime.

But if your kids have hooked on a certain type of app every day. Then you can use this feature to block out the service.

FamiSafe Review - app time

Many kids spend almost the entire day on their phones. This will damage the eyes because the eyes will interact with the blue light from the screen. The blue light triggers the alert mode in our brain, which is one of the important causes of a lack of sleep.

Here are the steps to follow to install FamiSafe on the phone.

● Download

Download the app from the app store. Once you have downloaded the app, install it.

Install App

● Account

Here you will have to register an account on the web page or on a child’s device. You will input information such as your email address and a password to protect it.

Once you are through it, it is time to install the app on the targeted phone, which you will monitor from. Go to the play store and download the app on that device.

Create Account

● Confirmation

Once the app download is finished on the targeted phone, the next step is to enter the dashboard and create a procedure. This is where FamiSafe will be doing all the blocking of the website for effective control over the phone.

● Monitoring

Here the only thing you have to do is start cell phone monitoring. Now you can see everything your children do over their phones. With the dashboard, you can get immediately notified of recent development on the kid’s phone.

Negatives / Positives

On the positive side, you will get an effective application to control the phone without spending extravagant money. The FamiSafe reviews all the information and comes with a pack of features and an easier navigation interface for everyone to use.

If one of the family members picked up the device, they would eventually learn how it and the software work in a matter of minutes.

On the negative side of the app, it might not block the entire proportion of the website, not being compatible with all the devices available in the market, and there are bugs on the app that prevents the app from using its full potential.

You have to get the paid version to access all the features of FamiSafe because the free version will let you enjoy any of the functions.


This was the FamiSafe review; now you know how you can effectively use the FamiSafe product without having any issues before. You didn’t have any specific idea of what FamiSafe does on the phone.

If you want to strengthen the control of the things that your children have access to, FamiSafe reviews all the necessary information before letting it pass through the phone.

Many users have used FamiSafe on their targeted devices for effective parental control.

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