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DisneyNow VS. Disney Plus

In this DisneyNow vs. Disney Plus (DisneyNow vs. Disney+) comparison, we intend to explain the most significant differences between the two.

This information will be handy if you want to choose one option over the other. So, let’s go ahead and learn what it is.

A Bit of History About Disney

DisneyNow vs. Disney+ | Disney Plus:

Disney Plus

Disney Plus streaming service has been accessible to users for more than two years. In fact, it’s safe to say that the program has been a huge success overall.

November 2019, this specific streaming platform managed to persuade more than 24 million users. In fact, those users wanted to continue using the service after completing their free 7-day trial. That did defy previous predictions.

Because this well-known “House of Mouse” only managed to garner less than twenty million subscribers. That is by 2020. It’s difficult to pinpoint exactly what persuaded users to stay on board.

In fact, the positive response to The Mandalorian was certainly a big move. It is one of the most important reasons for Disney’s initial attempt in the form of a streaming platform.

We consider so because it was able to take a significant swing at competitors such as Amazon and Netflix.

Aren’t you one of those consumers of Disney Plus yet? If so, you could still be waiting for a straight confirmation on what precisely Disney provides users.

You may wonder what they offer for a monthly subscription fee of $ 6.99. If you have a smartphone or tablet, you can view Disney material in a variety of ways.

For instance, you can enjoy the Disney+ platform, which is obviously the most popular app of the company. 

DisneyNow vs. Disney+ | DisneyNow:


Since 2017, DisneyNow has been a go-to resource for both Disney fans as well as parents. When it comes to DisneyNow, do you wonder what the introduction of Disney Plus means for you?

If so, you’ve arrived in the correct spot. Continue reading to find out what will happen to other streaming services of Disney.

Disney introduced TV Everywhere to broadcast Disney Channel, Disney XD and Disney Junior. That was in June 2012. That was considered a step to complete their fresh agreements signed with Comcast’s Xfinity.

Back in 2017, Disney introduced Watch Disney app along with Junior and XD versions. However, all these apps are replaced by a new service called DisneyNow.

In fact, their new service offers the content that was broadcasted earlier by the previously mentioned apps. It has an impressive profile system along with parental control. These apps are now available for all platforms.

For instance, it works on iOS, Android, Roku, and Apple TV. Also, they work on the web, Amazon Fire TV, and Android TV.

Besides, if you don’t know how to stream Disney plus on Discord? Don’t worry; you will find the most straightforward ways or steps for the same here.

Introduction to DisneyNow

In this DisneyNow vs. Disney Plus (DisneyNow vs. Disney+) comparison, let’s read an introduction to DisneyNow. DisneyNow has some significant differences from Disney+.

In fact, it aims to provide users with every type of entertainment from all across Disney’s subsidiary companies. For instance, Marvel, National Geographic, and Star Wars are primarily focused on delivering users with shows that are kid-friendly.

It delivers shows from Disney Junior, Disney Channel, and Disney XD, among other networks. It is true that DisneyNow didn’t premiere until 2017.

However, the networks introduced streaming applications for Android and iOS for years. That said, all of which are branded with the “Watch” logo.

Introduction to DisneyNow

It is also true that DisneyNow has plenty of similarities, commonly with its kid-friendly programs available on Disney +.

However, DisneyNow is not intended to be an exceptionally popular streaming service like Disney Plus.

A cable subscription is required to use DisneyNow, and most shows are restricted behind a paywall. That is implemented specifically in order to enjoy the app to its full potential.

DisneyNow does provide some episodes for free, no matter whether you have a cable subscription. We all know that a subscription is required to have access to all the episodes available on the application.

Despite this, there is no clear way to pay the subscription fee for DisneyNow by itself. So, in this case, it is obviously necessary to have a cable TV subscription.

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Why Do They Coexist?

In this DisneyNow vs. Disney+ comparison, let’s learn why these two services coexist now. It’s true that it appears as if these two applications are competing for the same audience.

However, Disney+ and DisneyNow are most probably remain to coexist side by side in the next years. Much of Disney’s child-friendly programs are available on Disney+. And it is available for any subscriber who is willing to pay.

However, access to Disney Channel material on your iPad through DisneyNow is only available through a paid cable service. With Disney Plus, the company will be able to reach out to consumers who have abandoned cable services.

Also, it focuses on younger users who are less likely to get a cable package in favor of services. That means options such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime, among others.

Also, here, we will learn about the causes of the Disney Plus error code 41 and how to fix this issue easily with different solutions.

The Simplest Approach to Understanding the Two Applications is to Compare Them to HBO’s Existing Apps.  

After linking your HBO account through your TV provider, it’s possible to access HBO Go with no additional fee. HBO Go is available to anybody who buys an HBO subscription through cable services.

More importantly, it is accessible at no added cost. On the flip side of the coin, HBO Now is accessible to anyone who is prepared to pay a membership fee. It costs $14.99 every month. 

Let’s overlook HBO’s impending third subscription tier, HBO Max, for the purposes of this scenario. Disney Plus and DisneyNow operate in the same manner.

And, DisneyNow is serving as a stand-in for HBO Go. Also, Disney Plus is operating in a manner that is very close to a service like HBO Now.

Disney Plus

There is no reason to believe that DisneyNow will be discontinued any time soon. Well, this app continued to get updates, the latest of which was on December 02, 2019.

Having said that, Disney will almost certainly focus the majority of its emphasis going ahead on Disney Plus. It does not only offer a wider library of episodes and movies but has future original content. The content in this service is geared at audiences of all ages and demographics as well.

DisneyNow will continue offering new Disney Channel programming in the coming years. However, there’s always the possibility that Disney could choose to go with Hulu instead of the existing streaming service.

In fact, Hulu is owned by them. So, this section of our DisneyNow vs. Disney Plus (DisneyNow vs. Disney+) comparison explains why they coexist.

Is It Possible to View Disney Plus Using DisneyNow?

It is true that you are able to access DisneyNow with the assistance of your cable service. However, that does not necessarily, as you will immediately receive Disney Plus at no additional cost.

The fact that Disney Plus is a subscription-based streaming service rather than a satellite or cable provider. That means that it has no association with your provider. The Disney Plus streaming service will require separate membership in order to be accessed on the phone. It also works on tv or computer as well.

There is an exception though to this rule, though. Customers of Verizon Fios can receive a free one year of Disney Plus as well. To do that, they should sign up for the service through Verizon.

Assume that you are not a Verizon Fios client but do access an Unlimited package through Verizon Wireless service. In that case, the exact terms apply to you.

In addition, here, let’s figure out possible reasons why Disney Plus is stuck on the loading screen and the different solutions you can try to fix it easily.

Is It Possible to Use DisneyNow via Disney Plus?

Well, this is an interesting question in this DisneyNow vs. Disney+. In fact, the answer is not straightforward.

It’s true that DisneyNow presents in different areas like Disney Channel, the Disney Junior channel, and the DisneyXD channel.

Because of that, it is certainly feasible to locate many of the same shows on the Disney+ channel. However, not any of these series have yet found a method for Disney Plus.

Also, unlike DisneyNow, you will not be able to watch new episodes of these shows. You can watch them as soon as they are broadcast on television.

So, for older episodes like Wizards of Waverly, Hannah Montana, etc., accessing Disney+ hasn’t much difference. It is pretty similar to using DisneyNow. That is because you will not be required to identify your TV provider in that app. Moreover, using Disney+ is also free.

Disney Channel

When a streaming media service is introduced inaugurally, it is a moment of great anticipation as well as confusion.

With episodes like The Mandalorian, it’s clear to see why Disney+ has been such a huge hit. Also, the network’s subscriber base is set to continue to rise in the near future.

As we believe, it will take place probably in the next couple of years. It’s possible that the ones who are watching Disney Channel staples through DisneyNow will not receive the same programming.

That means it has some differences compared to Disney Plus users. However, they are unlikely to have any cause for concern if DisneyNow is shut down.


If you wanted to read a review on DisneyNow vs. Disney Plus, the above information would be handy. It does include pretty much all the information you should know about both options.

In fact, reading this DisneyNow vs. Disney+ review will make things easier for you when going for a decision.

As you can learn, there are plenty of features to consider. If you feel worth trying, you may give it a try. In a way, both of those options are excellent in terms of entertainment for kids.


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