10 Best Snapchat Spy Tools: Why mSpy is the Best Option for Worried Parents

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When you are a worried parent who wants to know how to hack someone’s Snapchat and track all your child’s activities on Snapchat, you will need to know the great options available on the internet for you.

You might search on Google to find a lot of stealth tools for spying on your children’s devices to record Snapchat activities.

However, all those tools are not great in terms of price, features, and compatibility to hack Snapchat activities on someone’s smartphone. Almost all effective spy tools are not free of cost.

Therefore, you can check all the subscription rates of different tools and can conclude to use mSpy as the best Snapchat Spy program among them.

But you can check features and user guides on how to hack someone’s Snapchat and learn about their limitations to find the best application that will keep you not worried about your children using Snapchat.

The ten best Snapchat spy tools have been described here for your convenience. Find all these applications’ features, prices, advantages, and disadvantages.

Therefore, decide the best app you can use to track someone’s Snapchat records and get complete information.

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1. mSpy – World’s #1 Snapchat Spy Tool

Price: $29.99 for 1 Month; $8.33 per month for Basic and $16.65 per month for Premium subscription (12 months Subscription).

Official Website: https://www.mspy.com/

mSpy is one of the most effective and powerful Snapchat Spy tools to solve the big problem of “How to Spy on someone’s Snapchat.” This tool is widely used and popular due to its excellent features and exclusive services, which are not offered by any other software available on the internet.

The user-friendly interface is very favorable for beginner users, and all the device information can be reported on any browser on any of your devices. All these unique and powerful features compatible with phones and computers made this tool top of the competition.



  • It is too easy to use and flexible for beginners.
  • This tool offers all the best features one spy tool can have at a most reasonable price.
  • You can see all the records of your Facebook and WhatsApp and browse the history of your device through this tool.
  • No need to jailbreak your iOS device for many services.


  • It is a paid tool.

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2. Hoverwatch

Price: $39.99 / 1-Month

Official Website: https://www.hoverwatch.com/

Hoverwatch is the most effective Snapchat Spy tool for your iOS and Android devices, which can track Snapchat activities along with other social media apps like Facebook, Viber Hacker,  Instagram Hacker, Telegram Hacker, and WhatsApp Hacker.

This software provides you with one of the best customer support services, and this is a great app to use.



  • A user-friendly tool for beginners.
  • It ensures a money-back guarantee for your services.
  • You will have a detailed and comprehensive report on your device apps.
  • Hoverwatch provides the fastest and most reliable solutions.
  • It lets you track the activity of other users without being detected.
  • As a complete tracking and spying program, it can track the real-time location of other devices and get data on their contacts, calls, messages, media, and the like.


  • Hoverwatch is well supported on both iOS and Android devices. But one of its features – social media app tracking, only works for Android devices.

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3. TheTruthSpy

Price: $16.99

Official Website: thetruthspy.com

This excellent tracking application will give you complete control over anyone’s Snapchat activities. Though this tool mainly focuses on social media messengers like Snapchat and WhatsApp, you can track messages and emails on your preferred devices.

Click to get the completed TheTruthSpy Review.


  • It offers a great report on your desired device.
  • This tool is very easy and user-friendly to use.


  • This tool has a few limited functionality issues.

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4. Spyera

Price: $149.99

Official Website: https://spyera.com

Spyera offers another great tool for spying on your Snapchat history and other applications. This great Snapchat Spy tool provides a detailed report of your device application history, including text messages and call records. This software can save a lot more time spying on someone’s Snapchat.



  • It offers a complete and detailed report for your tracked device.
  • It offers a great price of $149.99 for three months.


  • No live customer support for your 24/7 access.
  • You will not get any money-back guarantee.

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5. FlexiSpy

Price: $149.99

Official Website: https://www.flexispy.com/

FlexiSpy is another popular Snapchat Spy tool that will track your children’s activities on Snapchat. Due to its user feasibility and efficiency, people use this small tool to record their desired Snapchat data.

This application works for other social media applications like Facebook, WhatsApp, and even phone messages and calls records.



  • It helps to track your preferred device location using GPS services./li>
  • This tool is so effective and easily interfaced that beginners are flexible to use./li>
  • You can be able to track your emails even with this great tool.


  • This powerful application can only be subscribed to for at least one year.
  • It is a paid app at an expensive rate.

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6. iSpyoo

Price: $22.99

Official Website: https://ispyoo.com/

iSpyoo is a great Snapchat Spy app that will impress you with its great features that can help you monitor your children’s activities over social media applications like Snapchat.

This handy and small tool can also monitor all the activities of Facebook and WhatsApp messengers.

And here is the full iSpyoo review for you.



  • You can access the media library on your target device.
  • Use this application to check phone calls while in operation.


  • This software cannot support Blackberry devices or Windows Mobile OS-operated smartphones.

7. SpyBubble

Price: $49.95

Official Website: https://thespybubble.com/

This small but powerful tool to track Snapchat activities on your target device offers beginners a simple user interface. You can monitor all the emails, iMessages, browser history, call records, WhatsApp, IM applications, etc., on your preferred device. 

It has a feature that can allow you to disable certain features of the target device using SMS commands.

Click here for the completed SpyBubble Review.



  • Enjoy an easy and clean user interface on this tool.
  • You can check other application data on your desired device.
  • Using commands through SMS, you can even disable a few features of your target device that you want to track.


  • This application is not a perfect stealthy one. Therefore, your child might know about the presence of this tracking tool on their device.

8. Highster Mobile

Price: $69.99

Official Website: https://highstermobile.com/

The last one in our suggestion for you is Highster Mobile. You can track any Snapchat activities on your children’s smartphones. This software will access the device application data. The device camera can be remotely controlled through this software.

Highster Mobile


  • This tool is effective and easier to use.
  • Device location tracking is available using this application.


  • This software is only supported on iOS and Android devices.

People are always searching for the best hack Snapchat program & how to hack someone’s Snapchat on the Internet, so their children to track all their Snapchat activities.

The best Snapchat spy tools here can help you with your purpose. You need to make sure which one will be best for you.


mSpy is the best among all the available software on the internet till now. You will get the best and most effective services from this small, powerful tool for tracking someone’s device at the most reasonable price.

Get a subscription package for a short time and check all the features along with tracking your Snapchat activities. Enjoy the tracking of Facebook and WhatsApp applications on the target device with the most user-friendly interface of this great tool.