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Modern-day golfers try various different methods to take their game to new heights and increase their performance. In particular, they expect to increase their accuracy. These methods include newly designed golf clubs, shoes, gloves, etc.

One of the latest additions to a modern-day golfer’s toolkit is GPS-enabled golf watches. These wearable devices help both amateur and professional level golfers a lot. Gradually, these devices are becoming more sophisticated.

Well, we have created a list of options for those who are looking for the best golf GPS watch.

Benefits of Using a Golf GPS Watch

Accurate Distance Measurements

One of the primary advantages of using a golf GPS watch is the ability to obtain precise distance measurements. Instead of relying on yardage markers or estimating distances, a golf GPS watch provides you with accurate readings to help you choose the right club for each shot.

Course Mapping and Hole Layouts

Golf GPS watches come with preloaded course maps that display detailed hole layouts. This feature allows you to visualize the entire hole, including hazards, bunkers, and doglegs. Having this information at your fingertips helps you strategize your shots and make informed decisions while on the course.

Shot Tracking and Analysis

Many golf GPS watches offer shot tracking capabilities, allowing you to record and analyze your shots throughout the round. By tracking your shots, you can gain valuable insights into your game, identify trends, and pinpoint areas that need improvement. This data-driven approach can help you refine your strategy and enhance your overall performance.

Real-time Data and Updates

Golf GPS watches provide real-time data and updates as you play. They can automatically update the distances based on your location, ensuring that you always have the most accurate information at hand. This real-time feedback enables you to make adjustments on the fly and adapt to changing course conditions.

Convenience and Portability

Unlike handheld GPS devices or smartphone apps, golf GPS watches are conveniently worn on your wrist. They eliminate the need to carry additional devices or constantly reach into your pocket for your phone. With a golf GPS watch, you have instant access to all the necessary information without any hassle.

Characteristics to Look for in Best Golf GPS Watch

Before taking a look at the list of golf watches, let’s get to know what characteristics they should possess. Described below are the most essential features you should look for.

01. The battery life of the device

Over a concise span of time, golf GPS watches have evolved significantly. The earlier golf watches had a very short lifespan when it comes to battery life.

However, as a result of the advancements, modern-day GPS watches can easily last three rounds at the least. So, if you want the best golf GPS watch, longer battery life is important.

02. Accuracy of the GPS tracking

Your golf GPS watch isn’t useful if it doesn’t provide accurate GPS tracking on the course. The GPS tracker you are using must be able to track with an accuracy of at least 3 yards.

03. Is it comfortable?

Although sport is the primary aspect of the design of these GPS watches, there should be adequate comfort too. As you know, golfing requires you to spend a considerable amount of time outdoors.

If the GPS watch is too heavy or uncomfortable, you will find it difficult to wear it. So, go for a device that has a weightless than 60g.

04. How does it function?

You should also know how these golf GPS watches work. In fact, GPS works based on satellite technology. Usually, GPS-supported devices are preloaded with maps of relevant areas.

When it comes to the best golf GPS watch, they come with tens of thousands of preloaded golf courses. So, it is always better to go for a product that has the maps of many golf courses.

Best Golf GPS Watch: Our Top Picks

In this section of our article, we will list down the best golf GPS watch devices for your reference. You may go through this list can see if there’s a product to matches your requirements.

01. Garmin Approach S20

Garmin Approach S20

Garmin is considered to be one of the most prominent brands when it comes to GPS-enabled golf watches. In fact, they have already presented a long list of watches, and Approach S20 is their best so far.

They have added more than 40,000 preloaded golf courses to Garmin Approach S20. In addition to that, it comprises an AutoShot feature that can track the round and scores.

When it comes to battery life, it has a battery life of 15 hours. Thanks to the HI-Res display, you can experience the front, middle, and back distance of the green. In addition to that, it displays the distances to clear the burdens ahead. With the feature called ‘Green View,’ you can get the exact picture of the course and reach the pin.

Garmin Connect app is compatible with your smartphone. And, through a Bluetooth connection, you can read your smartphone’s text messages and emails, which is a handy feature.

When paired with the Garmin Tru Swing Club sensor, it becomes exceptionally handy. It can measure the tempo, speed, and angles of the swing.

02. Garmin Approach S5

Garmin Approach S5

This is the second Garmin product to reach our list of the best golf GPS watch. We have selected this product due to the range of impressive features it comes with. It is true that Approach S5 is not a budget-friendly device.

In other words, S5 will not be the best option for those who prefer affordability over quality. However, if you consider the features and the quality of this device, it gives the best ROI. Just like the previous option, this product too comes with preloaded 40,000 courses.

Also, it will synchronize with your location within a speedy time. It has Green View and AutoShot features just like the S20 model. However, the face of this device has a high-res screen.

With the feature called touch-targeting, you can get the precise distance to the point. This is a convenient feature to improve your course strategy. The battery life of this device is limited to 10 hours. However, the 10-hour period is pretty good for a single-day operation.

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03. Bushnell Neo iON 2 GPS Watch

Bushnell Neo iON 2 GPS Watch

Bushnell has now stepped into the GPS Watch industry with some decent products. We chose their Neo iON 2 GPS watch to be included in this list after thorough consideration. This device too offers center, back, and front distances to the pin.

In addition to that, it presents the yards required to overcome the hazards. It also has a unique function called Tee Time.

As per this feature, you will be able to set the device to switch on when stepping up to the first tee. It also has a function called auto-hole. It can automatically skip through towards the next hole on the track.

So, you don’t need to worry about fiddle the device. Nevertheless, it doesn’t offer a visual representation of the hole, nor does it have a smartphone app. These are notable disadvantages compared to the previous two options on this list.

04. GolfBuddy WTX Smart Golf Watch

GolfBuddy WTX Smart Golf Watch

In most cases, golf GPS watches are considered to be expensive pieces for many individuals. However, GolfBuddy WTX Smart Golf Watch is a fairly affordable device compared to the others.

Although it is in the ‘affordable’ side, manufacturers have introduced plenty of features to compete for top-of-the-line golf watches.

This device comes as a full-color, touchscreen watch that utilizes GPS to show the exact location with distance. It also gives a view of the back, front, and center of the green. Moreover, it is capable of displaying a map of each hole.

This watch also comes with a pedometer and smartphone notifications. It is also comprising an automatic course and hole recognition features. These watches are loaded with 38,000 courses.

05. POSMA GT2 Golf Watch

POSMA GT2 Golf Watch

If you are a golf enthusiast, you should definitely take a look at this excellent device. With the assistance of this watch, you can perform precise monitoring. As a matter of fact, this device can look after your golfing requirements to perfection.

It can tell the distance to the green, the location, and even the distance of each strike. In addition to that, it can track your activities, and the functionality is pretty similar to FitBit.

With POSMA GT2, you can simply see the number of steps taken and the amounts of calories burnt. No matter whether you jog or run, this product can track your activities. This device comes with nice design as well.

Apart from its affordability, this device has a weatherproof make. The display is black and white, and it features a battery life of 10 hours.

06. Callaway GPSy

Callaway GPSy

If you are looking for the best golf GPS watch that can keep score, check Callaway GPSy. You can use this device to record the score on each hole and keep the total score for the course.

In addition to that, it can count the number of putts taken during the round. So, it surely is a great option to consider for any golfing enthusiast.

Apart from keeping the score, Callaway GPSy has various other capabilities. For instance, it can show the distance to the green, the location hazards, and distance from doglegs as well. It has over 30,000 courses preloaded.

This device can easily recognize the course automatically together with the hole. When put in golf mode, the device can continuously perform for 12 hours, which is handy. When it comes to the regular watch mode, the battery can last for up to 90 days consistently.

07. TomTom Golfer 2 GPS Watch

TomTom Golfer 2 GPS Watch

TomTom Golfer 2 GPS comes with over 40,000 golf courses preloaded into the device. Besides, it comes with the distance tracker to the green, and it measures the short distance as well.

You will be able to keep track of the score and measure the short distances as well. Moreover, it offers you hazard graphics in black and white mode.

This device is special because it collects data and delivers to you so you can use it in the round. In addition to that, you can review the round on the respective smartphone app. Then, it gives you an idea about the average strike distance and the number of putts (per round).

Also, it provides the number of two-putts, three-puts as well. This device is capable of providing you with a comprehensive gaming report with all the required data.

So, this is well beyond measuring the distance of the shot. If you use this device correctly, you can easily improve your skills without any hassle.

08. The SkyCaddie Linx GT

The SkyCaddie Linx GT

The SkyCaddie Linx GT plays a vital role instead of just being a distance tracker. This app comes with an app as well as a club sensor. The Linx GT actually does more than measuring the shots with GPS. It is capable of analyzing the swings you make precisely and help you with improvement tips as well.

They (the company) say that the watch comes with better GPS accuracy compared to all the other products. Also, it is capable of saving your phone’s battery as well. It clearly displays the yardage on the watch. If not, you can get the phone, so you can read the synchronized data in a detailed manner.

Moreover, this is not just about golf. This watch can practically count calories, steps, and distance. In other words, it works as a basic fitness tracker as well.

09. Garmin Approach S6

Garmin Approach S6

Well, the last item on our list is Garmin Approach S6. This is the third Garmin product to reach our list, and that explains how good the brand is. Garmin is so popular due to its geolocation feature.

They have manufactured the various geolocation-related device, and that experience has helped them to excel in the industry. It comes with preloaded 40,000 golf courses and free updates. It also offers a course view and green view.

If you use it for golfing, it will go for about 10 hours. In normal mode, Garmin Approach S6 will work for more than 20 weeks or so.


A golf GPS watch can be a valuable companion for golfers of all skill levels. By providing accurate distance measurements, course mapping, and shot tracking capabilities, these watches offer a wealth of information to improve your game.

When choosing a golf GPS watch, consider factors such as GPS accuracy, battery life, course coverage, design, and additional features. By using the watch consistently and analyzing your game data, you can take your golfing experience to the next level.


  1. Can I use a golf GPS watch in tournaments?
    • The rules regarding the use of golf GPS watches in tournaments may vary. It’s important to check the specific rules and regulations of the tournament you’re participating in.
  2. Do golf GPS watches require a subscription?
    • While some golf GPS watches may require a subscription for advanced features or course updates, many models offer basic functionality without additional fees.
  3. Are golf GPS watches waterproof?
    • Most golf GPS watches are designed to be water-resistant or waterproof, allowing you to use them in various weather conditions. However, the degree of water resistance may vary between models, so it’s advisable to check the specifications before purchasing.
  4. Can I wear a golf GPS watch alongside other accessories like a glove or bracelet?
    • Yes, you can wear a golf GPS watch alongside other accessories. However, be mindful of the fit and comfort to ensure that the watch doesn’t interfere with your swing or cause any discomfort.
  5. How often should I update the course maps on my golf GPS watch?
    • It’s recommended to update the course maps on your golf GPS watch periodically to ensure you have the most accurate and up-to-date information. Check the manufacturer’s guidelines for instructions on how often updates are available.

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