Best Baby Monitor App – Top Picks for Monitoring Your Infant

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Best Baby Monitor App

Did you know baby monitors have been around since 1937? Back then, they were simple. But now, in the past decade, the choices have exploded. As parents who have used many, we want to tell you about the best baby monitor apps. These will keep you in touch with your baby, providing you with peace of mind.

We will look at many monitor options, from the latest wifi types to those without wifi. We’ll list what’s great and not so great about each. Our aim is to help you choose the best baby monitor app. This way, you can feel confident about your baby’s safety.

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Key Takeaways

  • Baby monitors have come a long way, with many new features we didn’t have 10 years ago.
  • We have tried out lots of baby monitors over the last 7 years, with 4 different children.
  • We’ll discuss different app models, like wifi, non-wifi, and those that combine features, to guide you to the right choice.
  • Our favorites include the Nanit Pro, Owlet Dream Sock + Cam 2, Eufy Spaceview, and Lollipop Cam.
  • We’ll also tell you about some monitors to steer clear of, based on our experiences.

Quest for the Best Baby Monitor

The journey of baby monitors has been significant since 1937, when the first model appeared. Now, there’s a vast selection, ranging from old-school types to the newest wi-fi devices. With our experience of testing various baby monitors for over seven years on four kids, we aim to help you find the perfect fit.

Our Top Picks for Best Baby Monitor

Through our many tests, we’ve found excellent baby monitors. The Nanit Pro is our top choice for 2024, winning us over with its dependability, ease, and great features. The Owlet Dream Sock + Cam 2 has impressed us as the coolest tech, standing out with advanced monitoring and sleep tracking. If you’re going for a non-wifi option, the Eufy Spaceview is our favorite.

Cautionary Advice on Baby Monitors

While many baby monitors are great, not all hit the mark. The Infant Optics DXR-8, a top-seller on Amazon, let us down with connectivity and image quality issues. The Arlo Baby also struggled with delays. Even the popular Nest Cam Indoor lacks the features needed for a good baby monitor.

Best Wifi Baby Monitors

Wifi baby monitors have great benefits but can face internet issues. Our top wifi picks include the Nanit Pro for its overall excellence. We also recommend the budget-friendly Lollipop Cam.

Baby MonitorKey FeaturesProsCons
Nanit Pro– Wifi-enabled
– Sleep tracking and insights
– Versatile design
– Reliable connectivity
– Excellent image and audio quality
– Comprehensive sleep analysis
– Requires stable wifi connection
– Premium pricing
Eufy Spaceview– Non-wifi monitor
– Long range
– Affordable price
– No reliance on wifi – Clear video and audio
– Budget-friendly
– Limited features compared to wifi models
– Shorter range than some competitors
Lollipop Cam– Wifi-enabled
– Innovative mounting system
– Easy-to-use app
– Inexpensive yet capable
– Intuitive app design
– Versatile mounting options
– Potential connectivity issues with weak wifi
– Limited advanced features

Overall Best Baby Monitor – The Nanit Pro

The Nanit Pro is our top pick for baby monitors. It brings a lot of great features for parents. Using your phone, it shows 1080p video on a 7-inch screen. This means you can watch your baby clearly.

Nanit Pro Camera

Intuitive and Powerful

The Nanit Pro is easy to use. You can attach it quickly with different stands. It works well on the Floor Stand, Wall Mount, and Flex Stand. Its battery lasts over 12 hours, letting you watch your baby day and night.

Sleep Insights and Suggestions

This monitor is also smart about sleep. It tracks how your baby sleeps and gives advice. It has a feature to check your baby’s breathing. Plus, personalized sleep tips and multiple-user access help your baby sleep better.

Best Travel Baby Monitor

The Nanit Pro is great for travel too. Its easy setup and different stands work anywhere. This makes it perfect for parents always on the move. The Nanit Pro is a reliable choice for active families.

Coolest Tech – Owlet Dream Sock + Cam 2

Being tech lovers, we’ve tried many baby monitors. The Owlet Dream Sock + Cam 2 is by far the coolest. It’s a must-have for parents.

Owlet Dream Sock

Sound, Video, and Sleep Quality Alerts

This system is top-notch. It combines the Dream Sock and the Cam 2. These track your baby’s vital signs and provide clear video. The Cam 2 even has night vision. It lets you see your baby’s every move and sleep safely.

Predictive Sleep Technology

The Owlet Dream Duo stands out with its sleep tech. It studies your baby’s sleep to predict their needs. This helps you perfect their sleep and yours too. It’s a big help for setting good sleep routines early.

At $319, the Owlet system is a smart buy. It gets you a 25% saving from the usual $399 cost. Over 1 million parents trust it. First-time moms love it too. It’s perfect for today’s parents.

Best Baby Monitor App without Wifi – The Eufy Spaceview

We’ve mainly talked about wifi baby monitors. But, we know they might not work for everyone. That’s why we are happy to present the Eufy Spaceview as the top pick for the best non-wifi baby monitor.

It is also high in the list for best baby monitors without wifi. Among the 10 monitors we tested, the Eufy Spaceview shone the brightest. It won due to its great picture quality, large range, and being pocket-friendly versus other non-wifi options.

Eufy Spaceview

The Eufy Spaceview offers a big plus in its battery life. It can work actively for 12 hours and stay ready for up to 30 hours. This is perfect for parents looking for a durable monitor. It won’t need to be charged all the time. Also, it has a wide range of 1,000 feet. This lets you watch your baby even from far away in the house.

The Eufy Spaceview goes beyond the usual features. It has five alarm sensitivity settings. This lets you set it up just the way you want. Whether you need super alert alarms or prefer them to be less sensitive, the Eufy Spaceview gives you choices.

For parents needing a best non-wifi baby monitor without the fuss of wifi, the Eufy Spaceview is a great option. It stands out because of its great picture, long range, and battery life. Plus, the option to tailor the settings adds to its value in the non-wifi market.

Best Budget Baby Monitor App: The Lollipop Cam

The Lollipop Cam is great for parents on a budget. It costs less than many wifi baby monitors but is still top-notch. It has a strong connection, an easy app, and a unique way to mount it.

Lollipop Baby Monitor

Inexpensive yet Capable

This camera is packed with useful features. It can detect if your baby is crying, making sounds, breathing, or moving around. Plus, it has calming music like classics and white noise to help babies sleep.

Easy-to-Use App

The Lollipop Cam has an app that’s simple to use. It lets you watch your baby from anywhere and gives you alerts if something important happens, like crying. If you want more, there’s a paid plan that adds extra features.

Innovative Mounting System

What really makes the Lollipop Cam unique is how you can mount it. It has a flexible “squishy stem” that you can adjust as needed. You can attach it to a crib or wall easily.

This baby monitor is a smart buy for parents who want quality without a big price tag. It comes with a user-friendly app, a cool way to mount it, and lots of helpful features. The Lollipop Cam shines in the budget baby monitor space for these reasons.

Best Baby Monitor App

We’ve tested many baby monitor apps over the years to find the best. Our top choice offers a strong, reliable connection. It also has low delay and saves battery well. These features make it stand out from the rest.

Reliable Connection

After years of use, our favorite baby monitor rarely has bad delays. Many baby monitors with wifi often have this issue. Thanks to this app’s strong connection, we can watch our baby without any worrying delays or dropout.

Minimal Latency

This baby monitor app shines with its real-time updates and almost no delays. It lets us react fast to our baby’s needs. This is much better than dealing with long waiting times that other apps often have.

Battery Optimization

The great battery life is another highlight of our top app. The parent unit can last through the night without needing to be charged. This benefit gives us peace and more freedom to watch over our baby’s sleep without worrying about power.

Many parents choose models like the Infant Optics DXR-8 for their babies. Yet, our tests showed some big issues with these monitors. Despite being a top seller on Amazon, we found the DXR-8 had problems staying connected and showed fuzzy images. This made it hard for us to watch our kids properly.

Infant Optics DXR-8

The Infant Optics DXR-8 is well-known, but it wasn’t perfect for us. We often lost connection, saw unclear videos, and the delay in videos was frustrating. This made keeping tabs on our little one hard. The camera and screen weren’t sharp enough for clear visuals or good user experience.

Infant Optics Dxr 8

The Nest Cam Indoor

Some parents try using the Nest Cam Indoor as a baby monitor. But, it doesn’t have the must-have features for watching a baby well. Even though it offers good picture and connection, it lacks two-way talk, alerts, and the ability to watch over your baby all the time. Depending on the Nest Cam Indoor can be disappointing and make parents worry.

Google Nest Cam Indoor

Comprehensive Baby Monitor Reviews

At Fathercraft, we’re all about giving readers honest and thorough baby monitor reviews. For the last 7 years, we’ve tested many models with our own kids. This means our advice comes from real-life use.

In-Depth Analysis

We don’t just list the features. Our reviews dig deep into what each monitor does well and what it lacks. This approach helps parents choose wisely. You’ll find detailed looks at monitors like the Nanit Pro and the Owlet Dream Sock + Cam 2.

Pros and Cons

We lay out the good and the bad of every baby monitor we cover. By being fair, we help you see what you might give up with each choice. This makes for better decision-making when choosing one for your family.

Video Demonstrations

On top of everything, we show the baby monitors in action through videos. This hands-on glimpse helps readers get a clearer picture of each model. It’s all about making sure you find the monitor that fits your needs best.

Important Features in a Baby Monitor App

Choosing the top baby monitor app means looking at key features. These features should bring peace of mind for parents. They include baby monitor range and connectivity and picture and night vision quality. Each of these is important for keeping your child safe and staying connected.

Range and Connectivity

No matter the type, a baby monitor must have good range and connectivity. This means you can watch your baby from anywhere in the house. It’s vital for parents who might be outside. Good connectivity ensures no interruptions in monitoring.

Picture and Night Vision Quality

Being able to see your child clearly is essential. Opt for monitors with high-quality picture and night vision capabilities. For instance, Babysense MaxView and Nanit Pro have 1080p video. This gives you a clear view, whether it’s day or night, for better peace of mind.

Ease of Use

Parental life is busy, so an easy-to-use baby monitor app helps a lot. Check for monitors with a simple setup and easy controls. This lets you quickly find what you need without stress. The VTech RM7766HD features a big 7-inch screen for easy viewing.

Sound Clarity and Sensitivity

Good audio is as vital as video in a baby monitor. Find monitors with sensitive microphones for clear sounds. Models like the Babysense MaxView and VTech DM1411 bring great audio quality. This feature helps you hear your baby’s every sound, so you can react fast.

Alert Systems

Having reliable alerts is important in a baby app. They can tell you about your baby’s actions or other important events. Choosing alert-friendly monitors, such as the Annie Baby Monitor, ensures you stay in the loop. For instance, it can alert you about a low battery. These alerts keep you informed, even when not watching directly.

Additional Features

Extra baby monitor features can boost your experience and add convenience. Look for night lights, sound machines, and smart home integration. For example, options like Babysense MaxView and Nanit Pro offer various soothing and handy features. This makes a more relaxing space for your baby and gives you more control in monitoring.


The world of baby monitor apps is vast and varied. These tools offer peace of mind to parents. They do this by combining the latest tech with easy use, like the Nanit Pro and the Owlet Dream Sock + Cam 2.

Choices range from wifi to non-wifi, such as the Eufy Spaceview. We discuss what matters most, like distance, picture sharpness, battery life, and warnings.. The Lollipop Cam also shows you can get quality without spending a lot.

As you hunt for the perfect baby monitor, dive into our detailed advice. We aim to help you choose wisely. With the ideal app, enjoy every moment with your baby. You’ll know you’re well-equipped to watch over them.


What are the top baby monitor apps available?

The article lists top baby monitor apps. It includes wifi like the Nanit Pro, non-wifi such as the Eufy Spaceview, and budget picks like the Lollipop Cam. You’ll find a deep look at what each offers to help parents choose wisely.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of wifi baby monitors?

The article explains the good and bad of wifi baby monitors. They offer easy access and smart features. But they can be slow to respond and have security risks. They also need a good internet connection.

Why is the Nanit Pro considered the overall best baby monitor app?

The Nanit Pro stands out for its smart sleep advice and user-friendly design. It’s also praised for being great during travels. It’s easy to snap on and off with many stands.

What makes the Owlet Dream Sock + Cam 2 the “coolest piece of tech” the writers have tested?

The Owlet Dream Sock + Cam 2 watches over your baby’s sleep with audio, video, and alerts about sleep quality. It even predicts sleep needs. This makes it a top choice for understanding and improving baby’s sleep.

Why is the Eufy Spaceview considered the best baby monitor app without wifi?

The Eufy Spaceview shines for its clear video and long range, despite lacking wifi. It’s also budget-friendly. This makes it ideal for those who want no-wifi baby monitors.

What makes the Lollipop Cam the best budget-friendly baby monitor app?

The Lollipop Cam impresses with its low price, solid connection, and simple app. Its mount is innovative too. It’s a top pick for those on a budget.

The writers note troubles with some popular models like the Infant Optics DXR-8, Arlo Baby, and Nest Cam Indoor. They faced issues like bad connection, delays, and missing key features. Their insights help parents steer clear of these problems.

What kind of in-depth coverage do the writers’ comprehensive baby monitor reviews provide?

The reviews don’t just list what each monitor does. They offer a full look at what’s good and bad about them. There are even videos that show how the monitors work.

What are the most important features to look for in a baby monitor app?

Look for good range, clear pictures, and night vision in a baby monitor. It should be easy to use and have clear sound. Alerts need to be reliable. Extra features like night lights and sound machines are a plus too.


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