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Baby monitors have long been parents’ most handy gadgets providing reassurance about the safety of their children. Now keeping an eye on your child has been made even easier.

You have to choose a baby monitor app from the multitudes available for download across app stores. These apps, available for both Android and iPhone devices, can turn your smartphone into a baby monitor screen.

These apps are equipped with smart gesture and movement recognition abilities that enable them to send alerts to your phone about your child’s physical state. You can always be informed about whether your child is awake or sleeping through these apps.

Installing the best baby monitor app also ensures that both parents can access the videos on their respective phones anytime. These apps have the added benefit of not requiring a dedicated camera to function.

Without further ado, let us discuss the best baby monitor apps available for download and all their features to help you pick the best one suited to your needs.

We will also discuss the Kidsguard app, clevguard software that goes one step beyond a regular baby monitor app and provides the best parental control and monitoring service.

Some of the Best Baby Monitor Apps to Download

1. Cloud Baby Monitor

An iOS app available for download on the Apple app store can turn all Apple devices, including iPhones, iPads, iPods, iMacs, etc., into a baby monitor.

It is a very trustworthy baby monitor app and one of the best you can try. Some of its features include:

Cloud Baby Monitor
  • Support for unlimited recording – you can record for as long as you want without any concern for the cut-out video recording, and you won’t miss out on any important development.
  • Indicates the noise level – alerts you to an increase in noise level that may indicate your baby’s state of wakefulness.
  • Gesture recognition – the app is smart and can identify movements and gestures made by your child and consequently alert you to them.
  • Voice and Video calling – the app also has voice and video calling features inbuilt into it so that if you perceive your child to be in imminent danger, you can quickly call them to warn them.
  • Compatibility – It is compatible with iOS 7 onwards, so you can even use one of the older devices in your house and turn it into a portable baby monitor to carry around with you.

2. Dormi Baby Monitor

This is an Android alternative to the iOS-exclusive Cloud baby monitor app. You can download it from the Google store and install it on your device, recording and storing the video.

The recorded videos can later be transferred and viewed on other devices. Some of its attractive features include:

Dormi Baby Monitor
  • A premium plan that provides unlimited recording services – This app has the option of unlimited recording if you choose to avail of its premium plan.
  • Support for multiple devices – This app allows you to view the videos on more than one device, thus, allowing both parents access to the recorded footage.
  • Real-time recording – You can choose to view the recorded footage in either real-time or at a later time at your leisure.
  • Intelligent noise and gesture recognition – Recognizes any change in noise level or physical movements and alerts the parents to the child’s state.
  • Remote device controlling
  • Compatibility – It is with devices installed with Android 2.3 onwards.

3. WiFi Baby Monitor

This baby monitor app is straightforward to use and allows you to monitor your baby remotely. It is available for download on the Google store and works on almost all Android devices. Its best features are:

WiFi Baby Monitor
  • Secure encryption of audio and video footage – This app is high on security and provides end-to-end encryption of all recorded footage. This ensures that the videos of your child cannot be stolen and used without your permission.
  • Two-way noise indicator – This ensures that not do you get to hear your child, but your child gets to hear you too. With this feature, you can talk back to your baby and, thus, soothe them if they get fussy.
  • Affordability – This baby monitor app comes free with in-app purchases making it, making it very affordable.
  • Compatibility – It is compatible with Android devices carrying version 2.3 and onwards.

4. AtHome Camera

This baby monitor app can turn your phone into a video surveillance device. Its added benefit is that it works on both Android and iOS smartphones. Some of its features include:

Athome Camera Baby Monitor App
  • Easy to use – The setup and handling process of this app is very hassle-free.
  • Multiple uses – It can be used for monitoring a baby and later can be turned into a surveillance device for the rest of the house.
  • Multipurpose manipulation of the recorded videos – It has several useful features such as time-lapse, multiple viewing, and high-definition recording of video.
  • Compatibility – Its cross-platform compatibility is a bonus. It is compatible with Android devices featuring 4.0 onwards and iOS devices featuring 7.0 onwards.

5. Baby Monitor 3g

This handy baby monitor app works across various devices, including Android phones, iPhones, MAC, and even Apple TVs.

It requires one-time upfront payment before installation, and its services can be availed for an unlimited period after. Its best features are:

Baby Monitor 3G
  • Unlimited recording – There are no limits to how much you can record using this app which ensures that you have unrestricted access to your child’.
  • Affordability – Its one-time payment policy makes it a very cheap option.
  • Support for multiple devices– The videos recorded on this app can be accessed on multiple devices.
  • Noise and gesture recognition – This feature allows you to receive alerts for any changes to your child’s physical environment when accompanied by noise indicators.
  • Compatibility – It provides cross-platform support for Android devices featuring version 4.1 onwards and iOS devices featuring 9.0 onwards.

6. Baby Monitor for iPhone

This baby monitor app can turn your old iPhone into a surveillance device through which you can monitor your baby’s well-being.

It supports unlimited video recording, providing you with an uninterrupted viewing experience. Features include:

Baby Monitor App for iPhone
  • Noise recognition and alerts – get instantly alerted to your state of wakefulness through this feature.
  • Remote controlling – Through this feature, you can play your baby lullabies to soothe them.
  • Compatibility – any iOS device is featuring iOS 8.2 onwards.

7. Nancy Baby Monitor

The features of this app include the following:

Nancy baby monitor App
  • Noise and battery alerts – They inform you of your child’s state of being as well as ensure an uninterrupted viewing experience.
  • Talkback option – Allows you to communicate with your child
  • Compatibility – Features cross-platform support for Android and iOS devices with 5.0 and 9.3 versions onwards, respectively.

8. Annie Baby Monitor

Developed by Master Apps Solutions, this baby monitor app is perfect for both Android and iPhone devices. Features include:

Annie Baby Monitor App
  • Split-screen option – It provides a recording option for two babies with split-screen functionality.
  • Noise and battery alerts – provides you with alerts for any important changes.
  • Compatibility – Supported on Android 4.4 and iOS 9.3 onwards.

KidsGuard – with Parental Control Functionality

While most baby monitoring apps allow you only to monitor your children with minimal engagement, you can go the extra mile and install the KidsGuard baby monitor app.

This computer monitoring software enables you to monitor your child and enforce parental control measures with a range of functions. Some of the added benefits of the KidsGuard app are:

KidsGuard Baby Monitor App
  • You can set time restrictions on your children’s phones to better regulate and limit their phone usage
  • You can track the real-time location of your children’s devices, thus ensuring an extra level of security. This feature enables you to always be aware of your children’s location.
  • And you can view your private browsing history on your Phone & block any harmful websites from being used or accessed by your children, such as gambling websites, or block porn on your Phone.
  • You can regulate and keep track of your children’s social media activity and browsing history.


  1. Can I use any smartphone as a baby monitor?
    • Yes, as long as the smartphone has a compatible baby monitor app installed, you can use it as a baby monitor.
  2. Are baby monitor apps secure?
    • Reputable baby monitor apps prioritize data encryption and secure connections to protect your baby’s privacy. However, it’s essential to choose a trusted app and take necessary security precautions.
  3. Can I use a baby monitor app when there’s no Wi-Fi?
    • Some baby monitor apps allow for offline mode, where you can use a direct connection between your phone and the baby’s room device. However, most apps rely on an internet connection for remote monitoring.
  4. Are baby monitor apps user-friendly?
    • Yes, baby monitor apps are designed to be user-friendly, with intuitive interfaces and easy setup processes.
  5. What other features should I look for in a baby monitor app?
    • In addition to basic audio and video monitoring, look for features like temperature monitoring, two-way audio, night vision, and motion/sound detection to enhance your monitoring experience.

Final Words

Thus, these basic and best baby monitor apps, along with the KidsGuard app, make it easier for professional parents to keep an eye on their children even while at work.

The baby monitors record footage of your child’s activities, and the baby monitor app installed on your phone can store the video footage.

You can choose to opt for later viewing on your phone, watch your children live in real-time, and be relieved of any stress regarding your children’s safety.


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