AT&T TV Remote Not Working? – Fixed in 2023

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“My AT&T TV remote is not working since morning. Can someone please explain a solution to get it fixed? Should I buy a new one? Or, will I be able to fix it somehow? Please let me know. Thanks in advance!”

The fact that the remote of your AT&T TV is not functioning properly can be very frustrating. This is true, especially if you are trying to watch a show that you missed.

You simply cannot allow yourself to miss out on seeing that brand-new musical or attending that highly-anticipated football game.

If you don’t get your AT&T remote working properly, you won’t be able to watch your favorite TV shows.

What Makes Your AT&T TV Remote Not Working?

There is definitely more than one reason for the “AT&T TV Remote Not Working” issue. Mentioned below are some of those reasons for your information.

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● Low Battery

It’s possible that the inability of the AT&T TV remote to function was brought on by a low battery. You will need to change the batteries after verifying that they are drained.

Check if the button labeled “AT&T” is located on the top part of the device and doesn’t illuminate brightly. If so, you should change the batteries in your remote control with brand-new, high-quality ones.

● Something’s Wrong with the Signal

The signals that are emitted by the remote control could be affected by interference from wireless devices. The best examples are battery-powered radios and cell phones, which would have an effect on how your TV reacts.

As a solution to the problem, you should move any wireless devices away from the TV. The same theory is applied to the remote control as well. Additionally, you are required to eliminate any physical obstacles as well.

That means the obstacles that could potentially interfere with signals transmitted to your TV sensor from the remote. Continue reading if nothing works for you so that you can find an answer to your issue. Check those aspects if your AT&T TV remote not working.

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What Are the Solutions to Try if Your TV Remote is Not Working?

It is possible that you might need to restart the faulty TV remote as a solution. Doing so will clear any errors that may have occurred in the programming and will restart your remote.

If you want the reset process to go in a very smooth manner, follow the procedures below. These instructions, however, can vary depending on the manufacturer of the remote-control device and your AT&T TV. 

  • First, you should hold the “OK” and “AT&T” keys together.  
  • Now, you should leave the keys off so the mode keys will flash two times. That signifies that your device is now running in programming mode.
  • You should enter the code “900” to proceed. Well, you can enter this code using the number keys on your remote control.
  • Now, AT&T will start to flash. And the keys will flash for a pretty long time. Then, the remote will be reset to the default settings.

Here is the Guide if You Are Using an S20 or S30 Remote of AT&T:

If you use an S20 or S30 model and experience AT&T TV remote not working, here’s what to do.

  • Press the menu key on the remote along with the OK key and hold them together.
S20 or S30 Remote of AT&T
  • The indicators for program mode will flash two consecutive times when the buttons are released.
  • Now, you should enter “981” as the code. You can use the number keys on your remote. When your power key does flash four consecutive times, the remote will be reset to the factory settings.

Here’s Another Method to Accomplish the Same

  • Make sure that there is an adequate amount of space between the TV unit and the receiver. You should also note that some new models may come with a backlight as well. This specific backlight will be able to interfere with your remote control.
  • Make sure that the devices have enough space between the TV and the receiver.

What if no solution has worked so far to rectify the situation? So, the issue may lie in the TV remote and your AT&T TV not being properly connected together.

To get around this issue, carry out the procedures as follows:

  • First, you should unpair the remote from its device.
  • Then, you should press “Dash,” Apps, or even the diamond button. Make sure that you do it prior to the blink of the blue LED lights of the remote.
Press diamond button
  • Restart the TV now. Then, you should press the red button and hold it. If not, you can even unplug the TV and reconnect it.
  • Once the TV is switched on, you should pair it with the remote. Mentioned below is how to do that.
    • First, you should point your remote towards the TV.
    • Press fast forward and rewind buttons at the same time for about 3 seconds.
    • When you see a screen notification, you should determine that the pairing is done. The device is ready to use now.

The remote will now work correctly once the above steps are followed. If it doesn’t work yet, it may be time to go for a different TV remote. You may buy a new remote.

What if the AT&T Remote Doesn’t Necessarily Change Its Volume?

It’s frustrating to have to get up and change the volume every time you want to adjust the volume. Things become really difficult when your remote doesn’t work. Several quick fixes exist, which is good news.

That means the following fixes become useful if your AT&T TV remote is not working. In most cases, the volume issue can be fixed by simply resetting the AT&T remote’s settings.

The Solution is Simple

Assume that the volume controls on your AT&T TV’s remote are stuck or otherwise malfunctioning. If so, try pressing the Menu button and selecting Help, then pressing the OK button.

Next, select Help & Info, then Troubleshoot, and finally, Fix. Input TV, then Audio, into the system. To adjust the volume, choose the option called “Sound Issue.” Then, you can follow the on-screen directions.

Additionally, Program Mode can be used to adjust the volume. Hit the OK option and Menu at the same time for around three seconds or more.

As a result, its Power key will blink red twice to indicate that you have entered the Program Mode. Pressing its Volume Up button will now result in a single red blink. And that indicates that the volume has been successfully increased.

What if Your TV Remote Won’t Turn Off?

What if the AT&T TV remote not working properly as it doesn’t turn off and on? The TV or the remote’s batteries may be at fault if AT&T’s remote is acting erratically.

Do you want to find the source of the issue quickly? If so, you need to rule out both of the alternative explanations.

Charge the batteries of the remote completely before using it. If any need to be replaced, do so before resetting your TV by pulling its plug and reconnecting it.

Check the faulty remote’s Mode buttons to make sure it’s set to TV mode. After that, test the remote and see whether it powers off and on normally.

What if the Remote Blinks Continuously?  

It’s annoying when you are enjoying a show and are interrupted as your Remote won’t stop blinking. This could be really annoying and perhaps spoil the show for you.

A quick round of troubleshooting should get this problem fixed. Blinking lights on the AT&T Remote indicate a Bluetooth connectivity problem.

Make sure that the Bluetooth connection is completely functional before continuing troubleshooting. Make sure the batteries on your remote are OK and that it is paired with the TV.

Do you have two or more remotes? Well, only one device can be paired to your TV. So, check if you have accidentally connected another remote to your TV.

If not, please follow the instructions below to overcome this issue.

  • Disconnect the remote from your device.
  • Hold the dash button (-) with the Diamond or Apps button. The LED lights of the remote will blink twice in blue.
Hold the dash button with the Diamond or Apps button
  • Then, release the device’s red button and restart it. If not, you can even unplug it from the power.
  • Now, you should pair the remote once again.
  • Select the Direct TV using the remote.
  • Press the Rewind & Fast Forward buttons together for 3 seconds. You will see a notification.

That’s basically it!

So, that’s what you should do when your AT&T TV remote is not working as expected.